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Overseas travel boom for 2022

Lydia Crispin | Communications Assistant
Last updated 30 March 2022

Two thirds of people plan to spend big to secure their place in the sun

More than two-thirds of British adults (68%) are looking forward to having holidays abroad this year – and many are planning to spend big to make up for two years stuck at home during Covid – according to research from AllClear Travel Insurance.

Read on to find out what’s driving the 2022 travel boom, who’s planning to spend the most and how Covid impacted people’s travel plans. The research featured was carried out by MaruBlue among a nat rep sample of 2,083 adults. The survey was conducted online.

Here are a few stand-out facts and figures

• 68% of Brits itching to travel abroad in 2022
• Planned holiday spend rises sharply to £1,203 per head
• Holidays are regarded as a tonic to tackle the well-being impact of Covid

What’s driving the travel boom

Of the 68% that are planning overseas holidays this year. The research suggests people are craving for what they have missed most. Overall, 32% said they were impatient for guaranteed sunshine abroad, whilst 30% said they had missed travelling and wanted to have multiple holidays this year to make up for the last two years of being stuck indoors.

For others, it was all about over-due treats and pampering – with 24% of respondents saying this year they planned to pull out the stops and have the best quality holiday possible. For 11% of respondents, a two-week holiday wasn’t enough, their response two Covid was to take a gap year and see the world more fully.

Over 65s have planned to spend the most on holidays this year

People’s planned spend on holidays this year reflected the sense of impatience people have to get away. Survey respondents planned to spend an average of £1,203 a head to have a great overseas holiday this year. From 2021, the average holiday spend has risen 45%(£827). The over 65 age group were inclined to spend the most, with an average planned spend of £1,457 per head.

Many are using this years holidays to help with their mental health

Whilst the desire to travel is, for many, a reaction to lost freedoms during the Covid era, the research also suggested that a good holiday has an essential role to play to help people address a number of wellbeing issues that negatively impacted them during the succession of lockdowns.

How lack of holidays impacted mental health during lockdown

Nationally, 20% of people said they had become a bit reclusive and anxious about travelling anywhere, whilst 17% said their mental health had been impacted by not being able to have a decent holiday for two years. For 15% of respondents, the lack of holidays has made it more difficult to have a good work/life balance.  9% said that the lack of work/life balance demotivated them and their performance had dipped at work. Across the age groups, around one in seven people (14%) said their social skills had gone backwards because they had not been able to visit new places and meet new people.

Travelling safely with Specialist Medical Travel Insurance

Chris Rolland, CEO of AllClear Travel Insurance comments: “As our research makes clear, overseas holidays are not frivolous flights of fancy for those that can afford them. Two years of lockdown and restrictions have had a huge well-being impact on millions of people. For many, the sense of urgency to travel again is part of the recovery. The rebuilding of lives, the restoring of confidence and the long-overdue chance to re-connect with loved ones. The number of holidays people want to have this year, their willingness to spend more and the flight to quality all underline that overseas travel is a top priority for people this year.

“At AllClear we have worked tirelessly through the pandemic to support our longstanding customers and as the leading provider of specialist medical cover we have advised both consumers and the industry on what safe travel looks like. We all want to see the travel sector bounce back this year. The industry needs it and consumers are obviously itching to travel. However, travelling safely will be the critical issue for 2022. For anyone with a pre-existing medical condition or a health concern, AllClear will help make travel safe again in 2022.”

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