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Annual multi-trip or single trip policies: The differences


Whether you choose a single trip or annual multi trip policy will depend on your own individual travel plans.

If once you have bought your policy, you want to upgrade your region of cover, you might find this help article useful.

How far in advance you can buy

You can get a single trip quote up to 365 days in advance of your departure date.

For annual multi-trip cover, you can get a quote up to 31 days in advance of purchase. This does not have to be the departure date of your trip, but the date you wish for cover to begin. Please note that the start date must be on or before you leave for your trip.

The benefits

Single or annual multi-trip: which is better?

Whether buying a single or annual multi-trip policy is best for you, depends on how often you intend to travel during the next 12 months.  If you are going on holiday multiple times throughout the year, an annual policy could work out cheaper for you.

An annual multi-trip policy also offers you the possibility to travel as many times as you like throughout the period of your insurance. There are however, limits on the number of days you can be away for any one trip; which for some providers also depends upon your age.  So you should check whether the maximum trip duration of you preferred provider is suitable before you buy.

Alternatively, a single trip policy allows you the flexibility of having a longer stay. For quotes online, the single trip limit is 92 days.

To get a quote for a single or annual multi-trip policy, simply run through our three step quote process. When you reach the end of the process, you’ll also be able to compare providers, and decide which travel insurance is right for you.