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Making changes to the cover on your policy


This help article talks about ways you might need to amend your policy after you have bought it.

If you have a change in your state of health after buying your policy, please read our specific help article on this topic.

There are some changes to your cover – such as changing your excess – that are known as Optional Extras, and primarily added during your quote. You can read more about them in this help topic:  What is covered.

Upgrading the region of cover

If you have an annual multi-trip policy that covers Europe, can you upgrade the region of cover?

It may be possible to upgrade the region your policy covers. To find out for sure, you will need to speak to our Customer Care Team on [lc] or call 01708 339026.

Please note an additional premium would be required for the upgrade.

Extending your cover while you’re abroad

Can you extend your cover while you’re abroad?

Yes, in most cases we would consider an extension to your holiday. You will need to contact our Customer Care team on [lc] or call them on 01708 339026 to discuss the request further.

Adding a medical condition that you missed

How do you add a medical condition that you missed on your travel insurance policy?

If you are yet to depart on your trip, simply call our Customer Care Team on 01708 339026, and we will be happy to amend your medical information.

If you have departed on your trip, we are unable to make changes to your medical information while you are on holiday. However, please still contact us on [lc] or call us on 01708 339026, and we will find out from the Underwriter how your cover is affected.

Changing your personal details on your policy

You can change certain personal details on your policy by logging into your self service account. For more information, go here: Using your account

Extending the maximum trip length on your annual multi-trip policy

For a full list of annual multi-trip policies for which you can pay for an Extended stay, please see our table in this article: How long you can go away for