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5 star rated Trustpilot
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Declaring a brain tumour

What type of brain tumour to declare

Unfortunately we cannot provide cover for undiagnosed conditions.

This means that in order to provide you with brain tumour travel insurance we will require details about what kind of brain tumour you, or anyone else on your policy, has. If you are uncertain, please request this information from your GP.

A number you can call to discuss getting cover for your brain tumour

If you need to discuss getting cover for your brain tumour, please call us on 01708 339026. You can also speak to us on [lc].

Please note that not all the providers which are available online are available over the telephone, we also cannot apply any online discount.

If you no longer have a brain tumour and are not on cancer treatment

Should you still declare your brain tumour?

Yes, in accordance with the medical warranty, if you’ve ever had a brain tumour,  you will still need to declare it.

You will be asked questions to determine risks, if any, linked to your previous brain tumour, which will be taken into account when determining your premium.