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Declaring cancer conditions

If you need help answering questions about your cancer

If you are unsure how to answer a question please confirm the information with your GP. If you are unsure what the question is asking, the Customer Care Team can help you via Live Chat.

You will always need to declare a cancerous condition when you are getting your quote, as per the medical warranty.

Declaring a reoccurrence of cancer

To declare a reoccurrence of cancer, please declare the type of cancer you’ve had diagnosed most recently.

If you have previously had a different type of cancer (for example, previously you had thyroid cancer, and now you have breast cancer), you will need to declare this too.

The difference between declaring prostate cancer and cancer of the prostate

There’s not a difference between the conditions; it’s only differently worded to appear when searched for.

If you are declaring prostate cancer, you can declare it under either term.

Declaring routine tests for cancer

If you have previously received a diagnosis of cancer we still need to know about it. However, please rest assured that during the questions we ask about the medical condition, your answers will reflect the fact you are now cancer-free.

If you are being investigated to see if you have a cancerous condition, we unfortunately cannot offer cover at this time – until such time that the cancer is diagnosed.

If your type of cancer isn’t on our system

The name for particularly rare cancers may not appear on our system.

Instead, simply enter and select the term ‘cancer.’

The first question will be: “What type of cancer do you (or did you) have?”

Different types of cancers will be listed alphabetically in a drop-down menu.

If your type of cancer definitely isn’t listed, please select ‘other’ instead.