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Declaring your medication


You do not need to declare the medication you are taking initially. Instead, you will be declaring the medical conditions that you have. The medical screening questions may then ask you about your medication, but you will not need to know the names of your medication.

This help article answers some frequently asked questions about the medication you are taking and what you need to declare.

Declaring your medication

Do you need to include vitamins as medication when getting your quote?

Yes, if the vitamins are prescribed for a medical condition, then you will need to include them when answering the medical screening questions.

If you buy the vitamins over the counter for general wellbeing only, then you will not need to include them when answering the questio

Do you need to declare a condition which you do not have medication for/ no longer take medication for?

You’ll need to declare any medical condition which falls inside of the medical warranty, even if the condition has been treated and you no longer have medication for it.

It is possible you have had a medical condition that you no longer suffer from but it is on the list of medical conditions that simply must be declared.

Not sure what medications are for what condition?

The same medications can be used to treat various different conditions; depending on how they react with the individual. We’re unable to advise what medications are prescribed for.  You would need to speak to your GP or consultant to answer this question.

Do you need to declare preventative medicine?

If you are prescribed medication as a precaution, and not for the treating or controlling of a current or previous medical condition, then you do not need to declare this medication to us.

If, however, you’re prescribed a medicine to prevent the return of a previously diagnosed medical condition, then you do need to declare the condition to us.