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Finding your medical condition


This help article will tell you how to navigate our quote system and find your medical condition(s).

If you’re not sure what we count as a medical condition, read Understanding the medical warranty.

If you are unsure what details about your medical conditions you need to tell us about, read What you need to declare.

Tips to help find your condition

If you are unable to find your medical condition, one of the tips below may help.

Enter the first 3-4 letters

Try entering the first 3-4 letters of your medical condition into the search bar. This allows the system to perform a more thorough search and your condition should appear in the list below for you to select.

Finding Your Medical Condition

Try entering one word of your condition

For example ‘blood’ for ‘high blood pressure’ and browse to the correct condition from the list.

Speak to us on LiveChat

If you still can’t find your medical condition, then speak to us on Live Chat, and we should be able to help you to declare your condition.

Our tool to help you find your medical condition

Below is a list of common medical conditions and tips on how to search for them.

Condition Try searching
Allergic reaction to a prescription drug Drug allergy
Aortic aneurysm Aortic a
Atrial fibrillation Atrial
Bipolar disorder Bipo
Cataract operation Cataract
Chronic kidney disease Kidney
Dairy allergy Allergy
Diabetes insipidus Diabetes
Dilated cardiomyopathy Dilated
Ectopic heartbeat Ectopic
Egg allergy Allergy
Epigastric hernia Epig
Gastro-oesophageal reflux Gastro
Heart block Block
Hiatus hernia Hiat
High blood pressure Pressure
Hip replacement Hip
Ischemic heart disease Isch
Juvenile idiopathic arthritis Juvenile arthritis
Malignant brain tumour Brain tumour
Microvascular angina Micr
Non-hodgkin lymphoma Hodgkin
Nut allergy Allergy
Polymorphic light ebruption (sun allergy) Polym
Pregnancy This does not need to be declared. Learn more.
Reactive arthritis Arthritis
Rotator cuff injury Cuff
Serogenerative arthritis Arthritis
Sickle cell anaemia Anaemia
Silent ischemia Angina
Stable angina Angina
Supra-ventricular tachycardia Sup
Temporal lobe epilepsy Epilepsy
Thrombocythemia Thrombocy
Type 2 diabetes Diabetes