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Being fit to travel


This help article will let you know about the importance of being fit-to-travel, and how your travel insurance is affected if your doctor says you aren’t.

If you have a change in your state of health after buying your policy, then read this article for what you need to do.

If you need to make a claim in relation to being unfit-to-travel, read How to make a claim.

Fit to travel

Do you need to provide a doctor’s certificate to say you are ‘fit to travel’?

To get a quote you’ll only need to have had verbal confirmation of this from the GP.

However, if you need to make a claim, you may require a letter from your GP to confirm you were fit to travel when buying your policy, and have become unfit to travel subsequently.

Can you buy medical travel insurance while you're in hospital?

No, unfortunately, you cannot buy medical travel insurance while in hospital. This is because you must be deemed ‘Fit to travel’ for us to provide a quote or cover.

What happens if you become 'unfit to travel' after you have bought your travel insurance?

Provided you have not chosen to exclude cancellation cover, if you become ‘unfit to travel’ during the period of your insurance, you can seek to claim for the cancellation of your holiday.

Additionally, if you have an annual multi-trip policy, you will need to be confirmed ‘fit to travel’ by your doctor again before you can use the travel insurance once more.

If your travel insurance does not include cancellation cover, or you simply do not wish to claim for cancellation, you can seek to get a refund on your policy; which may be a pro-rata amount, depending upon the circumstances.