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Travelling companion cover

Cover for travelling companions on a different insurance policy

If your travelling partner is insured by a different company, are they covered against your medical conditions?

No, if you have separate insurance providers you will need to add on Travelling Companion cover in order for them to be covered against your pre-existing medical conditions Please note, in order for you to be covered for their pre-existing medical conditions, you would need to speak to their insurance provider as well.

Adding travelling companions cover

If you’re buying your policy online and your chosen provider offers this upgrade you will find it under Optional Extras, located on the Extras page. Simply tick the box beside Travelling Companions Cover and the premium will be amended to include it.

If you bought your policy through our Contact Centre, please give us a call on 01708 339026, and we will add the Optional Extra for you. Again there would again be an additional premium to pay to include it.

Please note, that Travelling Companion Cover is only available on AllClear Gold and Gold Plus policies.