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Arthritis Travel Insurance

Do you have arthritis? Are you having difficulty in finding travel insurance for arthritis? AllClear is a specialist in providing travel insurance for arthritis of any kind. Every year we help thousands of people get rheumatoid arthritis travel insurance, travel insurance for osteoarthritis and psoriatic arthritis travel insurance, too. The issues caused by travel with arthritis can include swollen joints, aching muscles and cartilage breakdown, so adequate travel insurance is a must-have.

Should I inform my travel insurance that I have arthritis?

You might be asking yourself, ‘should I inform my travel insurance that I have been diagnosed with arthritis?’ It’s important to get travel insurance for arthritis that will cover you if you get ill and need treatment while you are abroad, so always keep your provider up-to-date with your medical condition.
This is also important if you need to cancel your trip because of your arthritis. Travel insurance covering rheumatoid arthritis will ensure you have peace of mind before you travel and on your trip, wherever you’re off to. Below are a few arthritis travel tips on how to travel with arthritis.

Which types of arthritis do you cover?

There are over 100 different types of arthritis which fall into two categories.
Osteoarthritis is caused by wear and tear through old age, or through overuse. Runners and dancers, for example, can develop osteoarthritis in the knees or hips. This type of arthritis usually affects load-bearing joints, and can cause problems for any traveller.
The other is caused by the body’s immune system not working properly, and is called rheumatoid arthritis. This can affect any joint, and will often be accompanied by fatigue and tiredness, as well as other medical symptoms.
No matter what category your arthritis falls under, at AllClear we believe that everyone deserves the right to travel with peace of mind and the knowledge that they are properly insured.
We operate medical screening online for travellers with arthritis, where you will be offered a range of quotes from a number of leading medical travel insurance providers who are able to offer you cover. You will find arthritis travel insurance cover for both single trip and annual travel insurance, and we can offer cover for over 65s too!
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arthritis travel tips

How to travel with arthritis


Planning your trip

This is very important if you are travelling with arthritis and sore joints. Discuss your travels and the planned destination with your doctor before you go, leaving plenty of time for additional preparations. You may need to ensure you can be prescribed extra medication for the duration of your trip. If you’re travelling with rheumatoid arthritis, your doctor can suggest ways of keeping comfortable throughout the journey and when you get to your destination.

Tips for air travel

When you are booking flights, consider priority seating. This will make it much easier to board. You will get to board first, and not have to struggle with a crowd of people. Choose lightweight luggage and try not to pack a lot of things.
Also, look for luggage that has easy to roll wheels, so it can be easier to move about. If you feel you will struggle at the airport, call the airline and ask for mobility assistance. You may be given priority access to the gate, though this will depend on your airline. Managing arthritis on a flight can be easier if you’re able to select an aisle seat so you can stretch as needed.

Travel insurance for arthritis sufferers

Book your arthritis travel insurance cover well in advance. You will need specialist travel insurance to cover your medical condition for your holiday. It is important you declare all your medical conditions to ensure you’re properly covered and can travel with peace of mind and without worry.

Holiday activities

Swimming is a good exercise if you have arthritis because it is low impact and doesn’t put too much pressure on the joints. So if you are on holiday somewhere warm, make the most of the lovely crystal blue pool or warm sea! Find out as much as you can about your travel destination and plan as many activities from home to ensure you’re fully aware of what to expect.

Diet can help your arthritis

Gout, a form of inflammatory arthritis, can be triggered by not drinking enough water and too much alcohol, so make sure you get in your two litres of water a day. Diet soft drinks don’t appear to increase the chances of a gout attack, so while on holiday you can mix things up if you prefer. If you’re heading over to the Mediterranean make the most of authentic cuisine as research shows a diet rich in fish, pulses nuts and olive oil can help.

Travelling with medication

Take additional supplies of any arthritis medication in case it is lost or damaged – you may need a doctor’s note for the airline so ensure you’re fully prepared. Keep your medication in your hand luggage with you, if possible, in case there are any issues with lost luggage. Discussing travel plans with your doctor well in advance will ensure everything is arranged beforehand with less worry. Certain destinations may require vaccinations which could interact with your medication, so your doctor can advise on the best course of action to take.
With a bit of planning and specialist help anyone, regardless of their medical condition, could get the insurance and reassurance they need to travel to any destination.
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