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Holiday with confidence with Over 80’s Travel Insurance. As a specialist insurance provider, AllClear can cover all your pre existing medical conditions and medical emergencies on your holidays, and can help if you need to cancel your trip. 

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Can you get Travel Insurance if you’re over 80?

Of course! Our policies have no upper age limit, so we can offer you tailored Travel Insurance for your 80’s and beyond. AllClear Travel Insurance includes cover for pre existing conditions, emergency medical expenses and medical aids, as well as personal belongings and lost luggage.

What does travel insurance for over 80s cover?

If you are over 80 years old, you can still enjoy the benefits of our standard Travel Insurance policy, with no upper age limit. We also include emergency medical cover for serious conditions that you disclose to us.

  • What’s covered:

    • Medical expenses: We provide cover the cost of any emergency medical care you need while travelling, including pre existing medical conditions you have told us about during your medical screening.

    • Medical aids: Medical cover includes your essential medical devices and accessories from loss or damage.

    • Medication: We will help you get a replacement for your crucial prescription medication if you lose it during your trip.

    • Repatriation: We can help you get back home in case of an emergency.

    • Lost Luggage: We will compensate you if your baggage is lost, stolen or damaged, so you can replace your important items and enjoy your holiday.

    • Cancellation: Cancellation cover protects you for the cost of your holiday if you have to cancel due to reasons beyond your control.

    • Travel disruption: We will help you cover alternative transport or accommodation if your plans are disrupted.
  • What’s not covered:

    • Undisclosed medical conditions: To protect you in case of a medical emergency, we need you to tell us about your medical history when you buy Travel Insurance.

    • Airline strikes that disrupt your travel plans: The airlines are responsible for strikes and should compensate you accordingly. They should also assist you with finding alternative transport if necessary.

    • High-risk activities: Our standard policy does not provide cover for these activities, but we can provide extra cover for some of them if you wish to.

    • Accidents that happen when you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol: We hope you enjoy your trip, but we also expect you to be safe and sensible.

    • Traveling to countries that the FCDO has advised against: We offer worldwide travel cover, but we exclude any country that the FCDO deems too dangerous or risky.

    • Missed flights within your control: We sympathize with you if things go wrong, but we will not cover you if you miss your transport because of poor planning or errors that you made.

    • Choosing not to travel: We understand that sometimes circumstances change, but we can only offer cover for cancellation if you have a valid reason, such as illness, injury or bereavement.

    • Winter sports activities: Our optional Winter Sports cover is only available up to the age of 65.

Travel Insurance for over 80s with medical conditions

Over 80s Travel Insurance with pre existing medical conditions enables you to keep exploring new destinations and return to the places you love. 79%2 of over 80-year-olds we surveyed hope to travel twice or more in 2023. More than 1 in 10 (16%) are even planning to take four or more trips. If you’re one of the many over 80s planning to make the most of your travel opportunities, you’ll need over 80s Travel Insurance with no upper age limit.

What’s a pre-existing medical condition?

A pre-existing medical condition is any condition you have;

  • Been diagnosed with

  • Had a follow-up appointment for

  • Taken prescribed medication in the last five years.

Some examples of pre existing medical conditions we can cover are:

Letitia Smith

Our experts say…

“Travel insurance is a must-have for anyone who wants to explore the world, but especially for over 80s. You can cover yourself for unexpected medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost luggage, and more. Travel Insurance can also give you peace of mind and confidence to enjoy your trip without worrying about what might go wrong. You never know when you might need it, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Travel insurance for over 80s is affordable and easy to arrange.”

Letitia Smith MSc, Travel Insurance expert

How much is Travel Insurance for over 80s?

Travel Insurance premiums depend on the a number of factors, such as your age, destination and medical screening. For example, Spain, the United States, and Canada are among the more expensive countries to receive medical treatment, resulting in a higher premium.

What type of Travel Insurance can you get if you’re over 80?

  • Annual Multi trip Travel Insurance: If you intend to take multiple trips in any twelve-month period, then an annual policy could be a more cost-effective option than buying multiple single trip travel insurance policies together.
  • Single trip Travel Insurance: Single trip travel cover for over 80’s work well when you only have one holiday planned but still want a comprehensive policy.
  • Cruise Travel Insurance: Our cruise travel insurance cover is a specialist policy which includes cover for cabin confinement and missed excursions, as well as your medical needs and stolen luggage.

Where can I go with an over 80s insurance policy?

AllClear Travel Insurance covers every country, with some of our most popular destinations below.

Why Choose AllClear?

We’re dedicated to customer satisfaction and delivering you peace of mind. We always make sure that we put their needs first. Discover more about the AllClear experience from our over 80s travellers.

Join the 3.5+million people we’ve helped cover

Travel Insurance for over 80s can be challenging to find, but we have over 20 years experience as specialists covering older travellers.  Hear from those who have already discovered and travelled with AllClear.

Excellent and Reassuring Service

“As I will be 80 later this year, the travel insurance I have with my bank will no longer apply. So, I needed to secure another comprehensive policy for a future cruise. I had been recommended AllClear by fellow cruisers; who in their own words have significant medical conditions. I have now arranged an AllClear policy and would like to place on record that the service I received from Liz was absolutely first class. She explained everything and updated a previous quote which I had obtained on-line. She was patient and gave me all the time I needed.

This gave me the confidence that I was dealing with a quality organisation. I had previously been concerned that it would be difficult and expensive to obtain insurance at my age and with my medical history. I am fit but have had past operations and treatments; and still need eye treatment. I need not have worried. AllClear is geared up to welcome the ‘mature’ traveller. I highly recommend this company.” – Simon

What our Customers Say

Simple 3 step quote process

1. Call us or click a quote button on our site

Once you are ready to start the quote process, the first step is to provide your personal details and information about your holiday plans.

2. Complete our simple medical screening process

You then declare the medical conditions for you (and any other travellers) and answer the specifically designed medical questions.

3. Get your quotes

You will then get your quotes and can either proceed to buy, or save your quote, at this stage.

Optional Extras

AllClear Medical Travel Insurance for people over 80 offers a host of optional extras that enable you to tailor your policy to suit your specific needs, with no age limit.

Specialist Cruise Insurance: add cruise cover to your policy to ensure you are fully covered for cruise specific issues, including; itinerary change, unused excursions and cruise interruption.

Gadget Cover: personal electronic items that you may want to travel with can be covered by an AllClear policy as well.

Golf Travel Insurance: add golf cover to your AllClear policy if you are planning to play golf on your holiday, and let us protect your golf equipment as well as other aspects of your golf holiday.

GHIC cover for Over 80s

GHIC (Global Health Insurance Card) has replaced the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) and ensures that UK residents still receive the same care as citizens of that country while travelling in the EU. However, the GHIC does not cover all medical costs that may occur while you are away. It’s essential to also have a comprehensive Travel Insurance policy before you leave the UK.


Over 80’s Travel Tips

From deciding where you want to visit to which activities you’ll be up to, planning for a holiday can be very exciting! But there’s so much to think about…

  • See your doctor before you travel: Before you travel, it can be a good idea to see your GP to talk through your plans. They’ll be able to tell you if they have any concerns about you travelling or they’ll declare you fit to travel. Seeing your doctor before travelling is also a good idea if you take regular medication or have pre existing conditions.

  • Travelling by plane: If you’re flying, see what your airline can offer you to make your trip easier. Priority boarding can help you avoid the hustle and bustle of everyone boarding the plane all at once. If you have trouble walking or standing for long periods, you might be able to request a wheelchair at the airport or be taken to your terminal by wheelchair.

  • Staying healthy when abroad: Drink plenty of water and remain well hydrated, especially if you’re going to a hot country. While excursions and days out can be great when you’re on holiday, don’t feel you have to see and do everything. You can still embrace adventure as a travelling senior.

Frequently asked questions for Holiday Insurance over 80

Is Travel Insurance expensive for over 80?

The cost of Travel Insurance usually increases with age, as older people tend to have more medical conditions and are more likely to require emergency medical treatment on holiday. Therefore, premiums increase to cover the higher risk.

When should you buy Travel Insurance for over 80s?

As with any policy, you can get your over 80 Travel Insurance before or after you’ve booked your trip, but it must be before you travel. However it is beneficial to buy your Travel Insurance as soon as you book your trip.

Single trip Travel Insurance policies can be purchased up to 12 months before your trip. The cover begins immediately after purchase, if you have chosen a policy that includes cancellation cover.

Annual Travel Insurance can be purchased up to 60 days before your chosen start date. Cover will only begin on the chosen start date of your policy.

Written by: Letitia Smith | Travel Insurance Expert
Last Updated: 4 December 2023

* With a purchase of an AllClear branded policy, you’ll automatically enter the £500 prize draw. Plus, you’ll get 20% off the base price of your policy. Discount does not apply to any premium generated to cover medical conditions and optional extras. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Offer ends at 23:59 on 4/12/23. T&Cs apply


2 Based on the AllClear Annual Survey, Jan-Feb 2023. 376 respondents over the age of 80.

^£22.71 per month for a 80 year old with no medical choosing an AllClear Gold excluding cancellation cover annual multi-trip policy to Europe. Price is correct as at 01/12/23.