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Why do you need Over 60s Travel Insurance?

If you’re over 60 and love to travel, you don’t want to have to worry about the cost of medical treatment abroad or losing out if you have to cancel your trip. That’s why you need Travel Insurance that covers you for these things. As a specialist policy, our Over 60s Travel Insurance includes extra cover, which keeps you safe should you fall ill when you travel abroad.

AllClear Travel Insurance for Over 60s includes emergency medical cover, lost luggage and has no upper age limit.

Over 60 Travel Insurance with medical conditions

We understand you want to make the most of your travel opportunities during your 60s and that it can be challenging to find Travel Insurance to cover you. Our Annual Survey 2023 showed that 88% of over 60s have at least one medical condition, with 62% having two or more2.

AllClear offers Travel Insurance for over 60’s with pre-existing medical conditions. That means you can continue to travel safely into your retirement years and beyond.

What counts as a pre-existing medical condition?

A pre-existing medical condition is any illness or injury you’ve experienced symptoms, treatment, investigations, surgery, or medical appointments for within the last two years. It’s important to declare all pre-existing conditions on your policy.

As a specialist provider of pre-existing medical Travel Insurance, we’ve covered over 1300 different conditions, including:

Should you declare all of your pre-existing medical conditions?

When buying Over 60s Travel Insurance, you must declare any pre-existing medical condition you may have. If you choose not to declare all of your conditions, your policy could be invalid.

You can declare your medical conditions and get comprehensive cover in minutes – via our website or by speaking to one of our trained professionals over the phone.

What does Over 60s Travel Insurance cover?

  • Medical expenses : We cover costs for emergency medical treatment while abroad. This includes medical bills for any pre existing medical condition.

  • Holiday cancellation : Should you need to cancel your trip due to health problems or other valid reasons, you’ll be covered for up to £25K.

  • Travel disruption and delays : We’ll cover you should your travel plans change for reasons outside of your control.

  • Lost baggage : Our insurance policies mean you’re covered for your lost luggage, as well as your items being damaged or stolen.

What’s not covered on Travel Insurance for over 60s?

  • Medical conditions you fail to declare : In order for AllClear to give you with the right cover, you need to provide us with an accurate medical history when you buy Travel Insurance. This is especially vital for senior travellers, and those with long term illness.

  • Airline actions which impacts on your trip : In the event of a strike, you would need to contact the airline directly.

  • High risk activities : Some activities are not covered by our standard Travel Insurance. However extra protection is available for an additional premium.

  • Trips to places that the FCDO has advised against : As these destinations are deemed a higher risk we cannot provide any cover if you visit them against FCDO advice.

  • Missed departure within your control : While we know that things can go wrong, we can’t cover you if you miss your transport because of poor time management or errors on your end.

  • You deciding not to travel : We only offer cancellation cover for approved reason, such as illness, injury or bereavement. For full details please see your policy documents.

How much will over 60s Travel Insurance cost?

While our policies have no upper age limit, the cost of the policy will depend on a number of factors, including your age, previous medical treatment, your chosen cover level and destination.

What factors will affect the cost of Over 60s Travel Insurance? 

  • Pre-existing medical conditions: Your policy premium can change, depending on your medical history. It is always best to declare your conditions correctly when you buy Travel Insurance, and check it is up to date before your trip.

  • Your destination: As some countries have higher medical costs, or are generally higher risk destinations, your premium may increase if you visit these places.

  • How long you’re going for: The longer your trip, the more likely you are to make a claim.

  • The type of policy you choose: The level of cover you choose when you buy cover affects how much your Travel Insurance costs.

What sort of Over 60s Travel Insurance can you get?

There are a few types of cover available to travellers over 60.

  • Single trip Travel Insurance: Our single trip policies are perfect if you’re only planning to travel once over a 12 month period. They offer holiday cover for your destination of choice for trips of up to 365 days long.

  • Annual policy: If you’re travelling more than once then consider our annual multi trip policies, which cover multiple trips without having to buy separate policies. This is often cheaper then buying individual single trip policies.

  • Family travel insurance: You can cover all your family members under one policy and know that everyone has the same level of protection when you travel. No need to worry about sorting out cover from different providers if you need to claim.

Where can you travel to with Travel insurance for over 60s?

AllClear offers different levels of insurance for over 60s, depending on your destination.

UK Travel Insurance

For your trips within the UK, we can cover your baggage and cancellation costs. However, we do not cover any medical expenses in the UK.

Europe Travel Insurance

You can get comprehensive cover for any country in Europe, as well as Egypt, Morocco & Tunisia.

Worldwide Travel Insurance

Get cover for anywhere in the world. You can choose to exclude the USA, Canada and the Caribbean if you want.

Over 60’s Holiday Insurance for the UK

Over 60s holiday insurance is often considered by travellers when going abroad. However, when it comes to staycations, it’s just as important!

While the NHS takes care of medical emergencies in Britain, UK Travel Insurance for over 60 covers cancellations and loss or accidental damage of personal belongings.

So when you’re next taking a break in the UK, it’s worth getting a UK Travel Insurance quote to protect your trip from any last-minute changes.

Over 60s Travel Insurance for a cruise

More than 31% of over 60s we surveyed are planning a cruise in 2023. It’s a popular type of getaway for retirees. If you’re over 60 and hoping to enjoy a riverboat or international cruise – you’ll need to buy specific Travel Insurance for a cruise

Over 60s Cruise Travel Insurance cover has all the usual benefits of AllClear cover plus additional protection specific to a cruise holiday, such as;

  • missed port departure
  • cabin confinement
  • itinerary change.

You can add cruise cover to our Gold Plus policies, and it’s included as standard on Platinum cover.

Optional extras for the Over 60s Travel Insurance

AllClear policies let you customize your cover to fit your unique needs with a wide range of optional extras. You can add these to your Travel Insurance policy for an additional premium.

Gadget Cover: for extra peace of mind for your electronic devices

Golf cover:  for a worry-free golf holiday, golf cover can protect your equipment and other aspects of your golf holiday

Winter sports: If you’re under 65 you can add on winter sports travel insurance, which includes cover for ski equipment, piste closure and more

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Simple 3 step quote process

1. Call us or click a quote button on our site

Once you are ready to start the quote process, the first step is to provide your personal details and information about your holiday plans.

2. Complete our simple medical screening process

You then declare the medical conditions for you (and any other travellers) and answer the specifically designed medical questions.

3. Get your quotes

You will then get your quotes and can either proceed to buy, or save your quote, at this stage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Travel Insurance for over 60's

Does being over 60 affect how long you can travel on the over 60's Travel Insurance policy?

Over 60-holiday insurance covers you while you’re in your 60s. However, AllClear branded policies have no maximum age limit. You can travel With AllClear at any age with our Seniors Travel Insurance.

Does the over 60's Travel Insurance cover include repatriation?

Yes. Cover for repatriation back to the UK also extends to any other travelling member listed on your policy.

Can you get over 60's cover if you're on a waiting list for treatment?

Yes, be sure to answer that you are on a waiting list for treatment during the Medical Warranty section of your quote.

Plus, if you’d like to be covered for cancelling your holiday due to being on the waiting list, add Waiting List cover as an optional extra.

Can someone else join your Travel Insurance policy if they're under 60?

Yes, they can.

Being on the same policy as a friend or family member also has many great benefits. For example, if you have selected cancellation cover as part of your policy, you can both benefit from it if you need it. AllClear Over 60s Travel Insurance offers the same protection as a Standard Travel Insurance policy

How often can you travel with Travel Insurance for over 60s?

Travel insurance for over 60 can be bought as an Annual Multi-trip Travel Insurance policy. An Annual Travel Insurance policy will enable you to take any number of trips during the year. Rather than telling us exactly where you’ll be, you only need to select your preferred region of the cover.

You can travel for up to;

  • 365 days on a single trip Travel Insurance policy.
  • 45 days on annual multi-trip policies as standard – or extend your stay up to 55 days!

The maximum trip duration does change between annual multi-trip policies.

For example, you can travel up to 45 days per trip for unlimited trips with the AllClear Gold and Gold Plus annual multi-trip cover. And if needed, you can easily extend this with additional days for only a small additional premium. See your policy wording for more details.

Which pre-existing medical conditions are not covered?

AllClear’s Travel insurance for the over 60s covers ALL pre-existing medical conditions. However, Travel Insurance is based on an individual’s circumstance rather than the condition alone. Therefore the only way to know if you can get cover is to declare all your pre-existing medical conditions during the medical screening process.

Written by: Letitia Smith | Travel Insurance Expert
Last Updated: 19 January 2024

* With a purchase of an AllClear branded policy, you’ll automatically enter the £3,199 prize draw. Plus, you’ll get 20% off the base price of your policy. Discount does not apply to any premium generated to cover medical conditions and optional extras. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Offer ends at 23:59 on 29/02/24. T&Cs apply

3 - Based on Trustpilot reviews of all companies in the Travel Insurance Company category that have over 40,000 reviews as of September 2023.


2 From 3,122 responses in the AllClear Annual Survey Jan-Feb 2023

3 From 3,901 responses in the AllClear Annual Survey Jan-Feb 2023