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USA Travel Insurance provides essential medical and travel cover for peace of mind during your trip. This policy covers everything from medical emergencies to trip cancellations and lost luggage.

We cover over 1,300 different medical conditions, allowing you to travel anywhere in the US with confidence.

Why do you need USA Travel Insurance?

The USA famously has some of the world’s most expensive emergency medical care. Even needing an ambulance could incur hefty costs of around $1,300 (roughly £1,020).  As medical Travel Insurance specialists, our USA Travel Insurance protects you from costs like these if you have a medical emergency during your USA trip. USA Travel Insurance:

  • Provides comprehensive medical cover: wherever you go in the USA, you will be covered for medical emergencies and accidents, including those relating to existing medical conditions that you have declared. Without cover, a heart attack in the USA could cost you up to $290,000 (or £230,000)
  • Covers you across the entire USA: travel with confidence and flexibility with a policy tailored to your travel needs. From Florida to Washington, we’ll help you find the perfect policy.
  • Gives you peace of mind: whether this is your first time in America or you’re a seasoned traveller, knowing you’re protected allows you to relax and enjoy your trip. Plus, you will have access to our 24/7 helpline, should you need support while in the USA.

What does AllClear’s Travel Insurance for the USA cover?

USA Travel Insurance covers you for unexpected medical bills and complications while you’re away. Claims we’ve previously paid out for treatment in the USA include, more than £382,000 for influenza, and over £608,000 for cellulitis. 

  • What’s covered?

    • Medical expenses – Considering medical expenses in the USA are among the most expensive in the world, having the right cover is crucial. Our cover also extends to any pre-existing medical conditions you’ve declared
    • Medical aids If you lose your important medical equipment or it becomes damaged, our policy will cover the costs, allowing you to continue to enjoy your trip
    • Medication Should you misplace your medication, we will cover the cost of getting a replacement, allowing you to continue enjoying your trip
    • Repatriation This covers the cost of emergency medical transport from the USA back to the UK – without cover, this can cost tens of thousands of pounds
    • Lost luggage – If your luggage is lost in transport, stolen or damaged while in or travelling to the USA, we will cover the cost your important items so you’re able to continue enjoying your trip
    • Cancellation and curtailment – Provides cover if you have to cancel your trip due to an unforeseen emergency or reasons beyond your control
    • Travel disruption – We will help  cover alternative transport or accommodation if your travel plans are disrupted, so you can continue your journey smoothly
  • What’s not covered?

    • Medical conditions you don’t declare – It is essential you declare any pre-existing medical conditions when getting your quote, so we’re able to give you the right cover. This is especially vital for senior travellers and those with long-term illnesses
    • High-risk activities – Some activities are not covered by our standard Travel Insurance. However, extra protection is available for an additional premium,
    • Missed departure within your control – While we know that things can go wrong, we can’t cover you if you miss your transport because of issues within your control
    • Deciding not to travel – We only offer cancellation cover for specific reasons, such as illness, injury or bereavement. For full details please see your policy documents

Below you’ll find our different products. We have three different products to choose from, Gold, Gold Plus and Platinum.  If you’d like some help choosing which is best for you, please contact our team.




Gold Plus


Emergency medical expenses and Repatriation costs Up to £10m Up to £15m Unlimited
Cancellation* and Curtailment Up to £2k Up to £15k Up to £25k
Travel Delay Up to £300 Up to £1,500 Up to £1,500
Personal Belongings Up to £2k Up to £2.5k Up to £3k
Personal liability Up to £2m Up to £2m Up to £2m
Legal protection cover Up to £50k Up to £50k Up to £100k

* If you buy a policy which includes cancellation cover. / All these figures are per person and per trip.

AllClear’s USA Travel Insurance for pre-existing medical conditions

Having the right policy in place before you head to the States is crucial if you’re living with pre-existing medical conditions.  As specialists in Medical Travel Insurance, we can help find you the best cover to ensure you’re fully protected in the USA. This will save you from any costly medical expenses so you can travel with peace of mind.  So far, we have helped cover over 3.5 million travellers. We can cover over 1,300 different medical conditions. These are just some of the common medical conditions we can cover for your USA holiday:

You can declare your medical conditions either through our website or by speaking to one of our trained professionals over the phone.

Find the best Travel Insurance for the USA

From the city that never sleeps to the Grand Canyon, you’re sure to enjoy new and exciting experiences wherever you choose to visit in America.  There are plenty of USA Travel Insurance options out there, but you’ll want to make sure you choose the right policy for your trip.  Below are a few policy types to consider, depending on your needs and preferences.

  • Single Trip Travel Insurance is great if you’re only planning to travel once over 12 months. They offer holiday cover for your destination of choice for trips of up to 365 days
  • Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance works well if you’re travelling more than once within 12 months. Additionally, it’s usually more cost-effective than buying repeat Single Trip policies
  • Family Travel Insurance is great if you’re travelling to the States with your family. With this policy, you can cover everyone under the same policy, meaning everyone has the same level of protection
  • Group Travel Insurance is tailor-made for you and the group you’re travelling with. Whether it’s friends, family or a mix, up to 10 people can be covered under a single policy. This means you won’t have to take out individual policies for each traveller on your trip
  • We also offer optional extras for additional cover on your trip. For example, our Gadget Cover insures your electronic devices and our Golf Insurance protects your golf equipment and unused green fees. Hitting the slopes while in the US? Our Winter Sports Insurance will cover your ski gear, piste closures and more.

How our USA Travel Insurance works: A simple 3 step quote process

To make sure you get the best Travel Insurance for your America trip, you’ll first need to complete our quick and simple 3-step screening process. Here’s how it works.

1. Get a quote online or by phone

Once you’re ready to start the quote process, the first step is to provide your personal details and information about your holiday plans. This can be completed over the phone with one of our team members or online. Get your quote

2. Complete our simple medical screening process

Here, you need to declare any medical conditions you have. This way, we can provide the cover that best suits your needs.

3. Get your quote

You’ll then get your quote(s) and can either proceed to buy or save your quote at this stage.

Letitia Smith

“Arranging Travel Insurance for your trip to the USA is so important. Having appropriate cover in the case of any accident, emergency or disruption to your trip could save you a small fortune. As specialists in Medical Travel Insurance, we can help you find a policy tailored to your medical conditions, and there’s no upper age limit.” Russell Wallace – Travel Insurance expert.

What our customers say

Our Travel Insurance policies have helped over 3.5 million travellers to enjoy their trips with peace of mind, knowing they’re protected every step of the way.

What our Customers Say

Frequently Asked Questions on Travel Insurance for USA

Do you need Travel Insurance to go to the USA?

The USA remains the most expensive country in the world to receive medical care. Without appropriate cover, something as minor as influenza could cost you more than £382,000.

Do you need medical or Health Insurance for the USA?

Medical treatment in the States can be incredibly expensive without appropriate Travel Insurance. Our USA Travel Insurance policies provide complete protection for, emergency medical treatment and repatriation (if necessary), including if they relate to your declared pre existing medical conditions.

Do you need to declare all pre-existing medical conditions when using USA Travel Insurance?

Yes, you must declare any and all pre-existing medical conditions to us, so that we’re able to provide you with the best cover. Failure to do so may result in your policy becoming invalid.  You can declare your pre-existing medical conditions via our online quote process or over the phone if you’d prefer one of our expert specialists to guide you through the process. We have a helpful guide on the most common medical conditions and how to declare them. You can also learn more about what happens if you don’t declare your pre-existing medical conditions.

What Insurance do you need to travel to the USA?

It is up to you what type of policy you choose to travel to the USA.  If you are a senior traveller, consider our Senior Travel Insurance Additionally, we also have different policies for different travel requirements. For example, if you’re travelling with friends and family, Group Travel Insurance or Family Travel Insurance might be a good fit.  Alternatively, there are Single Trip and Multi Trip Travel Insurance policies. If you’re not sure what policy to choose, please speak to one of our trained team members.

How much does Travel Insurance to the USA cost?

The cost of your Travel Insurance policy to the USA depends on several factors, including your age and medical history and for how long.  Other factors that can influence the cost include the level of cover you choose, any additional features or travellers you add to the policy, and whether you’re purchasing single or group cover.

Do you need a GHIC card to visit the USA?

If you have a GHIC (previously EHIC) card, it will not cover you in America. These cards will only cover you within the countries of the European Union, including Switzerland.  This means that if you fall ill, have an injury or lose valuable items during your trip, you will not be covered. Therefore, it’s essential to have appropriate USA Travel Insurance when travelling to America.

Does Mexico come under the USA for Travel Insurance?

Mexico is within the same regional category as the USA, meaning if you buy a USA policy and travel to Mexico, you would be covered. However, our quote system works differently for Single Trip Travel Insurance. When you get a quote for a single trip policy, you need to declare all the countries you’ll be visiting, including Mexico.  Simply inform us of your travel destinations, and we’ll provide you with an accurate quote. For Annual Multi-Trip policies, where you select a region (such as Worldwide including USA, Mexico, etc.), cover for Mexico would be included in the same policy.

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Written by: Russell Wallace | Travel Insurance Expert
Last Updated: 1 May 2024

† Based on Trustpilot reviews of all companies in the Travel Insurance Company category that have over 70,000 reviews as of January 2024. AllClear Gold Plus achieved a Which? Best Buy.