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What is Travel Insurance for over 70s?

Travel insurance for the over 70s is a type of a policy that covers the specific needs of older travellers, including health conditions. AllClear Travel Insurance offers specialised cover for senior travellers. All conditions. All ages. All destinations.

You don’t have to pay a fortune for over 70s Travel Insurance. AllClear Travel Insurance has many options to suit your budget and preferences. You can travel with peace of mind and enjoy your trip with AllClear.

Not sure where to go on your next holiday? We’ve got some incredible destinations to travel to for over 70s.

Travel Insurance with medical conditions for over 70

You’ll need Over 70s Travel Insurance, especially if you have a serious medical condition. Comprehensive Travel Insurance lets you make the most of your travel opportunities. 4 out of 5 over 70s (80%3) we surveyed hope to have at least two holidays in 2023. Our Holiday insurance for over 70s is designed to let you travel with confidence and will protect you and your trip. Our policies provide medical cover if you have any unexpected medical emergencies while you’re abroad.

4 out of 5 over 70s

As a specialist Pre-exisiting medical Travel Insurance provider, we offer tailored Travel Insurance to suit you and your medical needs, whichever level of cover you choose.

Whatever your age, our Travel Insurance for over 70s offers cover for over 1,300 pre-existing medical conditions. AllClear policies also include Superior Covid cover2 as standard. Make sure you declare all pre-existing medical conditions when you buy your policy.

What’s a pre-existing medical condition?

A pre-existing medical condition is any condition you’ve been treated for, or have taken any prescribed medication for, in the last 2 years Some examples of pre-existing medical conditions we can cover are:

It is important you tell us these types of conditions when you but your travel insurance. Otherwise your emergency medical cover will be affected.

How much does Travel Insurance for over 70s cost?

Over 70s Travel Insurance policies cover pre existing conditions, as such, the cost of medical treatment has an impact on the cost of the policy. As a senior traveller, you should expect to pay more for your cover, but this is better than having to pay for huge medical bills. Travellers over 70 are more likely to make a claim. Much like younger drivers paying higher premiums for car insurance. However, age is not the only thing that matters. Here are some other factors that can influence the cost of your Travel Insurance policy:

  • Destination: Some places are riskier or more expensive than others for Travel Insurance. For example, if you travel to a country with higher crime rates or medical costs, your policy will be more expensive than if you travel to a safer or cheaper destination.
  • Trip length: The longer your trip, the more you will pay for your policy. You are exposed to more risks and uncertainties during a longer trip. If you are buying a single-trip policy, the price will depend on how long you are going away.
  • Pre-existing conditions: If you have any medical conditions, you must declare them when you buy your policy to ensure you have the correct medical cover. If you have pre-existing conditions, your policy may cost more because you are more likely to need medical attention while travelling. Find out how medical conditions affect the cost of Travel Insurance and which conditions may affect your choice of policy.
  • Optional extras: You can tailor your Travel Insurance policy to suit your needs by adding extra cover for cancellation, baggage, winter sports, cruise, or golf. However, adding extra cover will also increase the price of your policy.

What does Travel Insurance for the over 70s cover?

Travel Insurance for over 70s provides the same cover as our standard travel insurance policy, with no age limits. We also provide cover if you have a serious medical condition.

  • What’s covered:

    – Medical expenses: We can cover emergency medical treatment you require while travelling, including pre-existing medical conditions you’ve told us about.


    – Medical aids: We will protect your essential medical equipment and accessories from loss or damage, so you can travel with confidence.


    – Medication: We will help you get a replacement for your vital prescription medication if you lose it during your trip, letting you stay healthy and safe.


    – Repatriation: We may help you return home in case of an emergency, so you don’t have to face any extra stress.


    – Lost Luggage: We will pay out if your baggage is stolen or damaged, so you can replace your important items and enjoy your holiday.


    – Cancellation: Cancellation cover protects you for the cost of your holiday if you have to cancel due to an unforeseen emergency or reasons beyond your control.


    – Travel disruption: We will help you cover alternative transport or accommodation if your travel plans are disrupted, so you can continue your journey smoothly.

  • What’s not covered:

    – Medical conditions you don’t tell us about: We need to know your full medical history to give you the best cover possible in a medical emergency.


    – Airline strikes that affect your travel plans: This is something that the airlines should deal with and compensate you for. They should also help you arrange alternative transport if needed.


    High-risk activities: These are not covered by our standard policy, but you can add extra cover for some activities if you want to.


    – Accidents that happen when you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol: We want you to have fun on your trip, but we also want you to be safe and responsible. If you have an accident because of drugs or alcohol, we won’t be able to cover your claim.


    – Traveling to countries that the FCDO has advised against: We offer worldwide cover, but we can’t cover you if you go to a country that the FCDO says is too dangerous or risky.


    – Missed flights within your control: We understand that sometimes things go wrong, but we can’t cover you if you miss your transport because of poor time management or mistakes that you made.


    – Choosing not to travel: We know that sometimes plans change, but we can only cover you for cancellation if you have a valid reason, such as illness, injury or bereavement. For full details please see your policy documents for full details of cover.

Letitia Smith

Our experts say…

“We believe that everyone should be able to travel, and the over 70’s are no exception. There’s an assumption that older people are either unwilling or unable to see the world. Our data shows that this is wrong, and that there are plenty of holidaymakers exploring well into their 70s, and beyond. However, more than any other group, senior travellers need to make sure they have comprehensive cover in place for their trip.”

Letitia Smith MSc, Travel Insurance expert

What types of Travel Insurance policy can you get?

Single trip travel insurance

A single trip policy is perfect if you’re planning a single trip. Enjoy comprehensive cover for single trips up to a maximum trip length of 45 days.

Annual travel insurance

If you’re planning to take 2 or more holidays over 12 months, you could save time and money with an Annual multi trip policy.

Cruise Travel Insurance

Specialist cover for travellers hitting the high seas. Includes cover for cabin confinement, missed port departure and more, and standard cover for medical, baggage etc.

What countries does over 70s travel cover?

We provide over 70s travel insurance for every destination. However, the region of cover you need will depend on where you’re heading.

UK Travel Insurance

AllClear can provide cover for your UK trips for baggage and cancellation. However, we do not cover medical treatment in the UK.

Europe Travel Insurance

Get comprehensive cover for any European country and Egypt, Morocco & Tunisia.

Worldwide Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance for anywhere in the world. Choose whether to exclude the USA, Canada and the Caribbean.

Optional extras for the over 70s

With AllClear policies, you can tailor your cover to suit your individual needs. Optional extras can enhance your policy and give you the cover you need.

  • Gadget Cover: if you want extra protection for your electronic items.
  • Golf cover: if you’re playing golf on holiday, then golf cover can protect your equipment as well as other aspects of your golf holiday.

Do you need over 70s Travel Insurance if you have a GHIC card?

GHIC ensures that UK residents will receive the same level of healthcare as residents in that country in Europe. The GHIC is valid in the 27 countries within the EU. The GHIC, however, will not cover all medical costs that you may incur while you are away. That’s why it’s essential to also have over 70s holiday insurance before you leave the UK.

Why choose AllClear?

Our dedication to customer satisfaction has helped us understand our customers. We always make sure that we put their needs first. Discover more about the AllClear experience from our over 70s travellers.

Getting quotes for Travel Insurance… painless!

“Getting quotes for Travel Insurance when you are over 70 and with pre-existing medical conditions can be a painful experience. It, therefore, came as a ray of sunshine to be helped through the process by an incredibly helpful and lucid young woman. No jargon, hard sell or questions that I (doctor) didn’t understand. From start to getting the quote took a fraction of the time with other insurers and was also very competitive. Highly recommended.” – Dr Henderson

What our Customers Say

Simple 3 step quote process

1. Call us or click a quote button on our site

Once you are ready to start the quote process, the first step is to provide your personal details and information about your holiday plans.

2. Complete our simple medical screening process

You then declare the medical conditions for you (and any other travellers) and answer the specifically designed medical questions.

3. Get your quotes

You will then get your quotes and can either proceed to buy, or save your quote, at this stage.

Over 70s Cruise Travel Insurance

In our recent survey, over 30% of over 70s said they planned to take a cruise in the next 12 months4 If you’re taking a cruise holiday and you’re over 70, it’s vital that your policy includes Cruise Travel Insurance. In addition to the standard cover, cruise cover for over 70s includes protection against;

  • Missed port departure
  • Cabin confinement
  • Unused excursions
  • Itinerary change
  • Cruise interruption

Need more stories to help inspire your next trip? Discover how AllClear cover helped an over 70’s couple with multiple medical conditions keep on cruising.

Travel Tips for over 70’s

Whether you want to relax on the beach or have an adventure, our travel tips can help!

  • If you’re taking medication, speak to your GP before your journey. Ask about any adjustments you might need to make in different time zones. Always make sure you have enough medication to cover your whole trip, with some to spare in case of a delay.
  • Mention your needs ahead of time to your travel agent, hotel and airport staff. You might be surprised how helpful people can be
  • Cancellation cover starts as soon as your policy, so booking your Travel Insurance early can pay off. If you sort this out as quickly as possible, then you can tick another thing off the pre-holiday checklist.
  • Familiarise yourself with your Travel Insurance documents before travelling. A handy tip is highlighting all emergency numbers and contacts in case you need to use them or even saving them to your phone for ease of access.
  • Have you lost your documents? Speak to our friendly Customer Care Team via Live Chat or give us a call on 0800 640 4811, and we’ll get you a replacement copy.
  • Travelling with a group of friends or family? Consider Group Travel Insurance.
  • Check the latest travel advice from the FCDO for your destination and any entry or visa requirements.
  • Go through our handy pre-holiday checklist

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Travel Insurance cost more when you turn 70?

The cost of travel Insurance usually increases with age, because older people tend to have more health problems and accidents that could lead to claims. Therefore, premiums rise to cover the higher risk.

Does Travel Insurance have upper age limits?

AllClear Travel Insurance cover has no upper age limit, so you older travellers can buy a specialist policy no matter their age.

What does Travel Insurance for over 70s cover?

Travel Insurance over 70 will cover you for medical emergencies, repatriation and cancellation costs. AllClear branded policies also offer cover for the loss or damage to personal property. We also cover travel delay cover. So that you and your belongings are safe while travelling to and from your destination and while you’re there.

Most importantly, it’ll give peace of mind, enabling you to relax and enjoy your trip.

When should you buy Over 70s Travel Insurance?

You can buy your Over 70s Travel Insurance before or after you’ve booked your trip, but it must be before you travel.

Our Single trip Travel Insurance policies can be purchased 12 months before your holiday. As soon as you have purchased your policy, the cover begins immediately if you have included the cancellation cover. An Annual multi-trip Travel Insurance can be purchased up to 31 days before your first trip.

Written by: Letitia Smith | Travel Insurance Expert
Last Updated: 4 December 2023

2 Covid cover rated Superior by a leading Independent UK Consumer Champion.

3 From 1,836 responses in the AllClear Annual Survey Jan-Feb 2023

4 From 3,901 responses in the AllClear Annual Survey Jan-Feb 2023

^£11.64 per month for a 70 year old with no medical choosing an AllClear Gold excluding cancellation annual multi-trip policy to Europe. Price is correct as at 01/11/23.