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Living with diabetes doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy your much-loved holidays. Specialist diabetes Travel Insurance will provide you with up to unlimited medical emergency expenses cover while you’re abroad, including repatriation back to the UK.

Specialist Travel Insurance for Diabetes

Specialist Diabetes Travel Insurance will help you get access to crucial medication, such as insulin, in the event of an insured emergency when you are abroad, and cover the costs. It’ll also cover you for any unexpected hospital trips, or even for medical repatriation back to the UK.

Living with diabetes doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy your much-loved holidays. It is important though to have specialist Travel Insurance to cover unexpected medical costs relating to your diabetes.

This is where our Travel Insurance for Diabetes is vital. We make sure you’re covered for unexpected medical costs throughout your trip, and we’ll also protect you if you have to cancel or come home early due to sickness.

What cover does AllClear’s Diabetes Travel Insurance provide?

  • What’s covered?

    • Medical cover AllClear policies include emergency medical cover, including diabetes and any other existing conditions you may have. This includes prescription medication like insulin and medical equipment. 
    • Cancellation and curtailment – Cover for your flight and accommodation costs if you unexpectedly have to cancel before you go, or need to return home early following an emergency.
    • Your baggage – Protection against the cost of stolen, damaged or lost luggage and personal possessions. You can also choose to add extra cover for gadgets to your policy.
    • Travel delays and missed departure – If your flight is delayed, we’ll compensate you for the time. If you miss your flight, you’ll also be covered for accommodation and transport costs.
    • Personal liability – Cover for your legal expenses and any liability due if you accidentally injure someone or damage their property while you’re away on holiday
    • All ages – We think Travel Insurance should be available to as many people as possible, that’s why our Travel Insurance for Diabetes has no upper age limit
  • What’s not covered?

    • Deciding not to travel – We do not provide any cover if you can travel but choose not to.
    • Other regions – Your Diabetes Travel Insurance won’t cover you if you travel outside your chosen region, although you can contact us to upgrade your policy at any time. 
    • Claims below the value of excess – You’re not covered for claims that fall below the value of the excess stated in your policy
    • Medical conditions you fail to declare – You need to provide us with an accurate medical history when you buy Travel Insurance so we can provide you the right cover. This is especially vital for senior travellers, and those with long-term illness.
    • Winter sports – While most of our policy options cover all ages, we do not cover anyone over the age of 65 for winter sports like skiing or snowboarding.

We tailor all our travel policies to your specific requirements, which is why we have three different levels of policy available: Gold, Gold Plus, and Platinum.




Gold Plus


Emergency medical expenses and Repatriation costs Up to £10m Up to £15m Unlimited
Cancellation* and Curtailment Up to £2k Up to £15k Up to £25k
Travel Delay Up to £300 Up to £1,500 Up to £1,500
Personal Belongings Up to £2k Up to £2.5k Up to £5k
Personal liability Up to £2m Up to £2m Up to £2m
Legal protection cover Up to £50k Up to £50k Up to £100k

* If you buy a policy which includes cancellation cover. / All these figures are per person and per trip.

What types of diabetes are covered by AllClear’s Travel Insurance?

We cover both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. 

  • Type 1 Diabetes: For those who have type 1 diabetes, the pancreas (a small gland behind the stomach) doesn’t produce any insulin. This is the hormone that regulates blood glucose levels. Sometimes called insulin-dependent diabetes, type 1 diabetes is the less common of the two types. Around 8% of diabetics have type 1.  Our type 1 Diabetes Travel Insurance covers you for medical emergencies, helping you to avoid unexpected medical bills.
  • Type 2 Diabetes: It’s estimated that more than 2.7 million people are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in the UK. In some cases, this can be managed with diet and exercise, but type 2 diabetes can vary in severity. This is why we tailor your Travel Insurance to meet your needs and ensure the premium accurately reflects your condition.
  • Pre-Diabetes: Pre-diabetes is when your blood sugar levels are higher than normal but not high enough to be classed as type 2 diabetes. While you may not necessarily show symptoms, you’re at a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Our Travel Insurance offers peace of mind by covering medical emergencies related to blood sugar fluctuations and ensuring you’re protected if your trip is disrupted due to a pre-diabetic episode.

How to get Travel Insurance when you have diabetes: what we’ll need to know

Before you get a quote, you will need to complete the medical screening process

To do this, you need to answer a few simple questions about your conditions – including diabetes – to ensure that we can give you the right level of cover. 

Examples of questions asked during medical screening include:

  • Do you take insulin for your diabetes?
  • How many unplanned hospital admissions have you had for diabetes in the last two years?
  • Do you have high blood pressure or problems with cholesterol? 
  • Do you have any other health conditions that are caused by or related to your diabetes, such as nerve damage, or problems with your feet, vision or kidneys?

Remember that you need to declare all your conditions for your insurance policy to be valid. If you don’t, you may find that your policy is invalid and you have to cover any unexpected medical costs from your own pocket.

AllClear’s Travel Insurance for diabetics with other pre-existing medical conditions

 Diabetes can often lead to other conditions, or it might be that there is a secondary condition that is not related. At AllClear, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to travel.

We’re a Specialist Medical Travel Insurance provider, and we’ve helped cover more than 3.5 million+ travellers for their trips around the world. In fact, we can cover more than 1,300 medical conditions. If you have diabetes and are planning to take a trip, we’re here to help.

If you’re getting Travel Insurance for Diabetes, you must declare all your pre-existing medical conditions during the medical screening process as part of your quote, whether that’s for you or anyone else on your policy.

For policy reasons, we define a pre-existing condition as anything where you have: 

  • Been to a hospital, clinic, or GP surgery to have medical treatment diagnosed or advised within the last two years. This also applies to remote consultations, either on the phone or through an app.
  • Been placed on a waiting list which might mean you’ll have to miss your trip.
  • Been told you have a terminal illness.

Examples of other pre-existing medical conditions we cover include:

Find the best Travel Insurance for your trip

Diabetes isn’t a barrier to exploring the world, and neither is Travel Insurance. But each holiday is different, and so is the type of Travel Insurance you need. So, the real question is – what are you doing on your trip?

  • Heading off for a cruise? Cruises need an extra-special kind of cover, to protect you against things like cabin confinement, missed departures and even unused excursions. Luckily, our Cruise Insurance has all that. 
  • Big family holiday? Our Family Travel Insurance can cover the entire family (up to 10 people), in a single policy. Less hassle, less paperwork, more time having fun. 
  • Golfing trip? Our Golf Travel Insurance is what you need, with extra cover against lost clubs and unused Green Fees. 
  • Planning a staycation? Our UK Travel Insurance covers you against cancelled accommodation or any other holiday mishaps. 
  • Multiple holidays this year? Our Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance has you covered, no matter how many trips you do this year.
  • One big trip? Our Single Trip Travel Insurance covers you for up to 365 days of consecutive travel.

How our Travel Insurance for Diabetics works: A simple 3 step quote process

Our 3-step quote process is quick and simple and designed to provide you with comprehensive worldwide cover.

Here’s how it works.

1 . Get a quote online or by phone

Once you’re ready to start the quote process, the first step is to provide your personal details and information about your holiday and travel plans. This can be completed over the phone with one of our team members or online.

Get your quote

2. Complete our simple medical screening process

You’ll need to declare that you have diabetes, as well as any other medical conditions you have. We’ll also ask you for details on any medications you and your travel companions are taking. Be sure to answer all our medical questions and tell us everything we need to know about your current health. 

This way, we can provide the cover that best suits your needs.

3. Get your quote

You’ll then get your quote(s) and can either proceed to buy or save your quote at this stage.

Letitia Smith

“We know managing diabetes doesn’t stop when you travel.  Unexpected situations can arise, and having the right travel insurance can make a big difference.  Our specialists policies are designed with diabetics in mind, offering cover for emergency medical expenses and unexpected trip disruptions related to your condition.  Get a free quote today and see how easy it is to enjoy your adventure with peace of mind.

Letitia Smith MSc, Travel Insurance expert

What our customers say

Quick and easy to use for the cover I need...

“Due to many years of type 1 diabetes and the worry of covid 19, I decided my holiday insurance was priority to relax and enjoy my holiday.” 


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Frequently Asked Questions on Diabetes Travel Insurance

How much is travel insurance for diabetics?

The cost of your Travel Insurance for Diabetes will depend on

  • Your type and severity of your diabetes
  • Other pre-existing medical conditions: If you’ve got any other health conditions,  this will impact your premium. 
  • Your age: How old you are will affect the cost of your Travel Insurance policy. This will likely be more expensive as you get older, as your risk of illness or injury increases.
  • Trip duration: The longer you’re away, the greater the odds of a claim, and hence, the impact on the policy premium.
  • Chosen destination: Some places have a higher risk than others, and some have more expensive healthcare systems, meaning that the cost of your quote will change.
  • Activities: While we cover some activities as standard, you’ll need to pay an additional premium to take part in others, like Winter Sports.
  • Additional cover: You may want to include extra cover for a special type of holiday, such as a cruise or golfing holiday.

Do you have to declare diabetes for travel insurance?

Yes, you must declare diabetes as a pre-existing medical condition when buying Travel Insurance. You will be asked which type of diabetes you have and if you have any other conditions as part of the medical screening process.

Do you have to declare prediabetes for travel insurance?

Even if you’re still at the prediabetes stage, you will still need to declare this during the medical screening process. You’ll still need to get your prediabetes covered as it could lead to you needing medical attention abroad.

You may have been placed on blood pressure tablets due to the diagnosis, or you might have had a dosage changed due to prediabetes. This will affect the type of treatment and the cost of the treatment you may need while away.

Is a GHIC card enough to cover you when travelling if you have diabetes?

It is not enough to rely on the GHIC card, especially if you have diabetes. While the GHIC (formerly EHIC) covers your immediate medical costs while you’re in Europe, it does not cover any other additional medical costs – for example, transport to and from the hospital.

The GHIC also does not cover any other holiday mishaps, like cancellations or lost luggage. The UK Government recommends that all travellers get the right Travel Insurance policy, in addition to the GHIC.

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Written by: Letitia Smith | Travel Insurance Expert
Last Updated: 12 June 2024

† Based on Trustpilot reviews of all companies in the Travel Insurance Company category that have over 70,000 reviews as of January 2024. AllClear Gold Plus achieved a Which? Best Buy.