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Why do you need Annual Multi-trip Travel Insurance?

Annual Multi-trip Travel Insurance will cover you as many times as you want within 12 months, even if you have pre-existing medical conditions. This type of insurance covers you for medical emergencies, preventing any unexpected medical bills, that can arise on any of your trips that year.

If you plan to travel more than once within the year then an Annual Multi-trip Holiday Insurance policy could prove to be more cost-effective and more convenient for you.

For those of you nearing retirement age, an Annual Travel Insurance policy is a great way to make the most of your newfound freedom. Discover our Travel Insurance over 60s for a year of safe travels.

What is an Annual Multi-Trip Policy?

With an annual multi-trip policy, you can travel as many times as you want within 12 months, as long as your trips start and end in your home country. When you buy your annual multi-trip policy you choose the region you’ll be travelling to rather than the individual countries.

This could be Europe or Worldwide depending on how far afield you plan to travel and gives you the flexibility to choose to travel to any countries within that region that are currently safe to travel with regards to COVID-19.

AllClear’s annual multi-trip travel insurance policies have no upper age limit. We offer Senior Travel Insurance for those of all ages.  For peace of mind on your next trip, explore our Travel Insurance for over 50s.

Benefits of AllClear Cover

Gold Gold Plus Platinum
Emergency medical expenses and Repatriation costs Up to £10m Up to £15m Up to £15m
Cancellation* and Curtailment Up to £2k Up to £15k Up to £25k
Extended cover 30 days FREE 30 days FREE 30 days FREE
Friend or relative to travel from your home area to stay with you if you fall ill with Covid-19 Up to £2k Up to £2k Up to £2k
Travel Delay Up to £100 Up to £350 Up to £500
Recuperation stay
Cost of return flight due to COVID-19
Personal Belongings Up to £2k Up to £2.5k Up to £3k
Personal liability Up to £2m Up to £2m Up to £2m
Legal protection cover Up to £50k Up to £50k Up to £100k
* If you buy a policy which includes cancellation cover
All these figures are per person and per trip

Planning and protecting your holiday abroad

Things to know before you go:
  • Remember to check the latest travel advice from the FCDO for your destination. You will have no cover if you choose to travel against FCDO advice, unless that advice relates specifically to Covid-19 (check our Covid FAQs  for more details)
  • Check any entry requirements and quarantine requirements for your chosen destination
  • Choose a Travel Insurance policy that includes Covid-19 Cover
  • For information on how Covid might affect your trip, visit our dedicated FAQs page

Not all holidays are created equal, and so neither are our travel insurance policies. You can choose the best policy for your needs. With an annual multi-trip policy, you are covered for any number of trips in the 12 month period – from a city break to Paris to an adventure in Asia. Get your quote online today!

What Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Does the Annual Travel Insurance Cover?

Your annual travel insurance policy will cover you for all the medical conditions that you have declared to us. You can declare your medical conditions through our medical screening process, which is a set of questions for us to understand how your medical conditions affect you.

It’s important that you declare all your pre-existing conditions on your annual multi-trip travel insurance bills.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance can you buy annual multi-trip travel insurance?

For annual multi-trip cover, you can get a quote up to 31 days in advance of purchase. This does not have to be the departure date of your trip, but the date you wish for cover to begin. Please note that the start date must be on or before you leave for your trip.

When does an annual multi-trip policy start?

Annual multi-trip policies cover you for 12 months from your chosen start date. So you have flexibility, you can purchase annual multi-trip policies up to 90 days in advance of your policy start date. Any claims you make before your chosen start date will not be covered; for example, a claim for cancellation.

What are the benefits of choosing an annual multi-trip policy?

There are many benefits of choosing annual medical travel insurance. If you’re travelling to the same region, you will generally pay lower premiums for an annual policy compared to buying multiple single trip policies.

Generally, an annual multi-trip policy starts to become more cost
effective when you are travelling three or more times in a 12-month period. However, there can be instances where an annual policy is more cost effective even for 2 trips a year.

For example, if you are travelling for 45 days each time for two
trips, an annual multi-trip policy could still be cheaper.

How often can you travel with a year-long policy?

For most policies, you can take any number of trips during the year. Rather than needing to tell us exactly where you’ll be, you only need to select your preferred region of cover.
However, there are restrictions on the length of time you can be away for any one trip.

Where can you travel to with AllClear’s annual multi-trip policy?

You have three regions to choose from: Europe, Worldwide excluding North America, and Worldwide including North America.

Is it best to buy a single or an annual multi-trip policy?

Whether buying a single or annual multi-trip policy is best for you, it depends on how often you intend to travel during the next 12 months.  If you are going on holiday multiple times throughout the year, an annual policy could work out better value for you.
With an annual multi-trip policy you can travel as many times as you like throughout the period of your insurance. There are, however, limits on the number of days you can be away for any one trip; which for some providers also depends upon your age.

What if you purchase an annual multi-trip policy then your medical conditions change?

If you’ve purchased an annual multi-trip policy and you need to amend something to do with your declared medical conditions then simply get in touch at the earliest possible opportunity and we will update your details.
It’s important to let us know any changes before you travel to ensure your policy is the most up to date and you’re still covered.

How do you renew your annual multi-trip policy when it runs out?

You will receive an email up to 30 days in advance letting you know your policy is due to expire. You can renew your annual multi-trip policy simply by logging into your account through the customer login area. If your circumstances have changed, simply go through the AllClear quote process for up to date comparison quotes.

You’ve bought a couple/family/group annual multi-trip policy. Can you all travel independently on this policy?

Yes, if you’ve purchased an annual multi-trip policy for multiple people, you will be covered for independent trips.

Can you purchase an annual multi-trip policy which covers your pre-existing medical conditions?

Yes, you can. Once you complete the medical screening, you will be offered a number of products that will cover your pre-existing medical conditions. Each provider has varying terms and some may have age restrictions, and you will be offered those annual products which will cover you valid for both your medical conditions and your age. AllClear Gold and Gold Plus products have no age limits on annual multi-trip policies.

What is the age limit for an annual multi trip policy?

AllClear have no upper age limits. Discover Travel Insurance that’s right for your age. We offer:


Simple 3 step quote process

1. Call us or click a quote button on our site

Once you are ready to start the quote process, the first step is to provide your personal details and information about your holiday plans.

2. Complete our simple medical screening process

You then declare the medical conditions for you (and any other travellers) and answer the specifically designed medical questions.

3. Get your quotes

You will then get your quotes and can either proceed to buy, or save your quote, at this stage.

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