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What is the Money and Pensions Service (MaPs) Medical Travel Insurance Directory?

If you have a serious medical condition, you know how difficult it can be to find Travel Insurance. Many companies exclude coverage for certain conditions or charge high premiums. That’s where MaPS Medical Travel Insurance Directory comes in.

MaPS is the leading resource for consumers who need travel insurance even if they have serious medical conditions. It lists specialist providers who offer coverage to consumers with excluded conditions.

How can AllClear Travel Insurance help?

AllClear is a MaPS Travel Insurance directory provider with a 5 Star Defaqto rating 1. We’re a specialist providers dedicated to providing cover for travellers with pre-existing medical conditions, and we take pride in our presence on the Medical Travel Insurance Directory.

Travelling with serious medical conditions can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. You may be eager to explore new destinations, but concerned about finding adequate Travel Insurance to cover your specific needs.

This is precisely why AllClear is here. AllClear Travel Insurance is a specialist provider that understands the unique needs of travellers with medical conditions. We handle all medical condition enquiries on a case-by-case basis, ensuring that each customer receives tailored cover to suit their specific medical conditions and requirements.

With AllClear Travel Insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have comprehensive Travel Insurance. Whether it’s a single trip or an annual multi-trip policy, AllClear Travel Insurance offers quality cover at an affordable price.

More information on how to access the MaPs Directory for Medical Travel Insurance

You can obtain an instant online quote or contact our call centre for assistance in obtaining a quote.

What our Customers Say

AllClear Travel Insurance Cover

At AllClear Travel Insurance, we understand that finding suitable cover can be a challenge, especially for individuals with pre-existing medical conditions. That’s why we offer comprehensive Medical Travel Insurance, with no age limit.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to explore the world, regardless of their medical history. With AllClear, you can enjoy your trip knowing that you have the protection you need.




Gold Plus


Emergency medical expenses and Repatriation costs£10m£15m£15m
Cancellation* and Curtailment£2k£15k£25k
Extended cover30 days FREE30 days FREE30 days FREE
Friend or relative to travel from your home area to stay with you if you fall ill£2k£2k£2k
Travel Delay£100£350£500
Personal Belongings£2k£2.5k£3k

* If you buy a policy which includes cancellation cover. All these figures are per person and per trip.

Can AllClear provide cover for my conditions?

Our Medical Travel Insurance policy goes beyond the cover offered for medical conditions excluded by standard Travel Insurance. It provides extensive medical cover, including medical treatment for all medical conditions such as heart conditions, cancer, and high blood pressure. Depending on your medical history there may be an additional premium.

We understand that more serious medical conditions and issues can arise unexpectedly, and our policy ensures that you have access to the necessary medical attention if needed.

With our innovative medical screening quotation system, we are able to provide instantaneous decisions on your medical cover.

How do I get an AllClear Travel Insurance Quote?

  1. Call us or go online for a quote. As a specialist, AllClear can cover all pre-existing conditions.

  2. Tell us about your condition. As part of the quote process, we’ll run through a medical screening, and ask you some questions about your conditions.

  3. Select your level of cover. Once you’ve completed the medical screening process, you’ll be able to choose the level of cover that best suits your needs.

How can I access the MaPs Directory for Medical Travel Insurance?

For further details about the MaPs Directory, there are three convenient options available to you. Firstly, you can call the MaPs Directory hotline at 0800 138 7777. This phone service is available Monday to Friday, from 8am to 6pm. A dedicated team of professionals will be happy to assist you in finding the Travel Insurance information you need.

Alternatively, you can visit the MaPs website and access the online Travel Insurance MaPs Directory. This comprehensive online resource provides a wealth of information about various Travel Insurance providers and their policies. You can easily navigate through the directory to find the most suitable Travel Insurance for your needs.

If you prefer to communicate via email, you can also reach out to the MaPs Directory team at [email protected]. Simply send them an email with your query or request and they will respond as soon as possible with the relevant information.

When obtaining a quote for medical Travel Insurance through MaPS, you must provide information regarding any pre-existing medical conditions. The directory is available as a free and impartial money advice service set up by the Government to assist travellers with pre-existing medical conditions only.

Customer Contact Centre: call 0800 138 7777 (Monday to Friday – 8am to 6pm)
Website: The Money Advice Service Medical Travel Directory
Email: [email protected]

Tips for Choosing the Right MaPS Travel Insurance Policy

While choosing a MaPS Travel Insurance Policy, make sure to:

  • Declare all details
  • Check excess levels
  • Review maximum coverage
  • Consider travel frequency

By taking these steps, you can find the best Travel Insurance policy that caters to your specific needs and provides peace of mind during your travels.

In addition, it’s essential to consult with a health professional to assess medical condition and any precautions you may need to take before travelling. Fully declaring any pre-existing medical conditions when applying for Travel Insurance will ensure proper coverage and prevent any potential complications during your journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MaPS Medical directory?

The MaPS Directory is an online resource specifically designed to assist individuals in finding medical Travel Insurance providers that are tailored to their distinct medical conditions and requirements.

How can I get Travel Insurance when awaiting a diagnosis?

AllClear can provide Travel Insurance if you are on a waiting list for treatment or investigation due to a diagnosed condition. However, they cannot provide cover until you have a confirmed diagnosis if awaiting an initial diagnosis for symptoms.

What Travel Insurance will not cover?

Medical Travel insurance will not cover incidents that occur due to being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and also won’t cover the theft of unattended possessions if reasonable care has not been taken.

1 Gold Plus product is 5 star rated by Defaqto.

Written by: Russell Wallace | Travel Insurance Expert
Last Updated: 12 April 2024

† Based on Trustpilot reviews of all companies in the Travel Insurance Company category that have over 70,000 reviews as of January 2024. AllClear Gold Plus achieved a Which? Best Buy.