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5 perfect European locations for a sun soaked Easter getaway

Written by: Russell Wallace | Travel Insurance Expert
Last updated: 29 March 2023 | Created: 29 March 2023
Picture shows azure seas and blue skies on the coast of Sicily, Italy. A lemon tree stands on the left of the picture, and a small island covered with plants is in the centre of the image.

The Easter weekend is an excellent time to enjoy a European holiday. You can make the most of the bank holidays and have a wonderful long weekend away, or enjoy a whole week full of sunshine and culture.

Europe has plenty of sunny hotspots to choose from, so why not consider our 5 favourites?


Picture shows a sunny day on Malta, with churches and houses clustered on a hill, while boast bob on the vibrant blue sea in the foreground.

Don’t let its size on a map fool you, Malta is a fantastic island to visit, especially around Easter. Springtime brings beautiful weather, perfect for exploring the stunning streets of historic Valletta. The island offers plenty of beaches to enjoy, as well as coves and lagoons, giving you lots to explore on this beautiful island. Malta is a very religious country, so there are numerous celebratory events happening at Easter.

Sicily, Italy

Picture shows beautiful, sunny Sicily in Italy. Mount Etna soars into the blue sky behind a colourful city.

April is a great time to visit Sicily, allowing you to enjoy this beautiful Italian favourite before the scorching summer heat. Sicily has almost back to back festivals during Easter week, with processions and feasts in every town and village across the island. Beautiful infiorata dot Sicily at this time of year, offering incredible floral decorations to enjoy.

Nice, France

The picture shows the colourful red buildings and wonderful plazas in Nice, France.

Nice, on the Côte d’Azur in France, is a legendary destination, well known for its glitz and glam, as well as its famous visitors. Taking a trip here in Easter means that you’ll avoid the crowds which fill the area from July. You can sample the genuine culture and food of the region, while still enjoying the same stunning surroundings as the stars.

Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

Picture shows a beautiful sunny day in Gran Canaria Spain. Vibrant flowers and cacti fill the foreground with blue skies and seas fill the background.

Why not try a trip to the Canary Islands this Easter? Gran Canaria in particular is worth a visit at this time of year. This Spanish island has beautiful beaches, a rugged coastline and a UNESCO biosphere which covers over one third of the island. The weather around Easter is warm and sunny, making Gran Canaria a wonderful place to enjoy a holiday.


The picture shows a warm and sunny street in Cyprus, with lush trees lining the road.

While a summer trip to Cyprus might leave you sticking to the cooler coastal regions, visiting at Easter opens up the beautiful, mountainous interior of the island. The weather is still warm enough in spring to enjoy some time on the many stunning beaches on offer, if you do decide to stick near the coast. As an Orthodox christian country, Cyprus allows you to experience some unique festivals over the Easter period.

Remember to buy your Travel Insurance as soon as you book your trip, and to arrange your GHIC before you travel to Europe. However you spend Easter, we hope you have a fantastic time.

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