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51 of the best travel apps for your holiday

Written by: Russell Wallace | Travel Insurance Expert
Last updated: 20 May 2024 | Created: 7 October 2022
Image shows a traveler sitting on a dock holding a phone. The weather is nice and the sea calm.

These days it feels like there is an app for everything. Most of them make our lives easier, and some have become essential. The right apps can make your holiday simpler to arrange and help you when you’re abroad. We’ve listed 51 of our favourite apps for you here. 

If you have an iPhone use the App Store link. For Android devices, click on the Google Play link.

Planning & organising your trip

1 – TripIt (Google Play & App Store)

Stay on top of your travel plans and consolidate all your vital information into one place. Once you’ve set up an action, just forward your confirmation emails to [email protected] and the app will keep track of everything in one place.

2 – TripCase (Google Play & App Store)

Similar to TripIt, TripCase also consolidates your travel plans into one place, so you can easily track them. You can even get notifications if anything changes, such as your departure gate.

3 – Tripadvisor (Google Play & App Store)

A well-known website for planning and booking your journey, Tripadvisor is also available as an app. Get the most out of your trip, whether you’re in the planning stages or already on the go.

4 – Culture Trip (Google Play & App Store)

Another great app for booking your trip and providing inspiration for what to do once you’re out there. Plan unique trips and book via the app.

5 – Headout (Google Play & App Store)

Discover and book local events wherever you are in the world. Great for planning ahead or finding something to do at the last minute.

6 – Viator (Google Play & App Store)

Use Viator to arrange and book tickets for local tours and events. With over 300,000 experiences to choose from, this app offers plenty to do, no matter where you are.

7 – Rick Steves Audio Europe (Google Play & App Store)

You might want to grab this app if you’re travelling in Europe. It lets you enjoy free audio guides to hundreds of European destinations.

8 – Packpoint (Google Play & App Store)

Take the guesswork out of packing. Packpoint suggests what to pack based on the length of your trip and the forecast weather for your destination.

9 – WithLocals (Google Play & App Store)

Talk to trust locals from the area you’re visiting. Find hidden gems and even dive with a local at their home for a real taste of the culture.

10 – Komoot (Google Play & App Store)

Komoot is the perfect companion for planning hikes and off-road cycling routes. It offers inspiration and even keeps a record of your routes.

11 – AllTrails (Google Play & App Store)

Similar to Komoot, AllTrails has thousands of walks and hikes from all over the world, ready for you to explore.

12 – LiveTrekker (Google Play & App Store)

Keep track of your holiday as you go with LiveTrekker, making a map of your holiday. You can pin photos and videos to specific points. Great for reminiscing after your trip.

13 – FindPenguins (Google Play & App Store)

FindPenquins makes a journal of your travels automatically. Once you get home, you can order a book of your holiday full of photos, maps and information.


14 – (Google Play & App Store)

Book hotels and so much more with the app of the popular travel website. With plenty of savings on accommodation and travel on offer.

15 – HotelTonight (Google Play & App Store)

Hoping to grab a bargain? Or been caught out and need a place to stay? HotelTonight offers great last-minute rates on hotels. You can also book in advance if you’re not one for last-minute plans.

16 – Airbnb (Google Play & App Store)

Airbnb offers plenty of options if you’re looking for accommodation with a difference. From luxurious hideaways to downtown apartments, you can find excellent accommodations worldwide.

17 – Vrbo (Google Play & App Store)

Vrbo is similar to Airbnb, offering cottages, cabins, and luxurious homes for whatever type of trip you have planned.

18 – Roomer Travel (Google Play & App Store)

An app that lets you snap up a bargain on pre-booked accommodation that others can no longer use. If you get lucky, you can enjoy some real savings.

19  – Dayuse (Google Play & App Store)

Dayuse lets you book a hotel room for a few hours, so you can enjoy the ammonites without needing to pay for a whole day.


20 – Hopper (Google Play & App Store)

Save when booking flights and other aspects of your trip via Hopper. They’ve saved over 70 million travellers money on their trip.

21 – SkyScanner (Google Play & App Store)

Compare flight prices from dozens of websites in one place, letting you pick up the best price available.

22 – FlightAware (Google Play & App Store)

With real-time information on commercial flights worldwide, keep track of flights with FlightAware. The app also offers historical and predicted flight data.

23 – Flightradar24 (Google Play & App Store)

Another app for tracking flights, Flightradar24, even shows you where a plane is heading just by pointing your camera at it. Great for plane spotters on holiday.

24 – Seat Alerts (App Store)

This app is perfect for you if you like to sit next to the window or aisle on flights. You can set up alerts if your preferred seat type becomes available.

25 – Priority Pass (Google Play & App Store)

Save on access to airport lounges with Priority Pass. Perfect for treating yourself before you catch your flight.

26 – LoungeBuddy ( App Store)

LoungeBuddy is another app which gives your access to airport lounges, so you can start to relax as soon as you get to the airport. LoungeBuddy is not currently available on Android.


27 – TheFork (Google Play & App Store)

Discover over 60,000 restaurants in Europe and Australia with TheFork. The app also offers savings on many restaurants.

28 – Eatwith (App Store)

If you want to experience some great local food and make some new friends, Eatwith lets you share a meal with hand-selected hosts. Eatwith is not currently available on Android.

29 – HappyCow (Google Play & App Store)

If you’re a vegetarian or a vegan, finding a restaurant can be tricky at the best of times. HappyCow helps you find vegan and vegetarian food in over 180 countries.

Transport & navigation

30 – GoogleMaps (Google Play & App Store)

GoogleMaps is a live navigation app which offers modes for vehicles and pedestrians. You can download the area maps before you leave to avoid worrying about using your data.

31 – Waze (Google Play & App Store)

Waze is an excellent app for getting around if you’re on a self-drive holiday. It includes live traffic updates and the ability to add stops to your journey.

32 – Citymapper (Google Play & App Store)

Citymapper lets you compare prices and journey times on loads of transport options, such as trams, buses, taxis and even scooters.

33 – Moovit (Google Play & App Store)

Keep track of bus and train times around the world with Moovit. It also includes ferries and hire bikes.

34 – Trainline (Google Play & App Store)

You might already have this app installed, but Trainline can be used to book train tickets in over 40 countries.

35 – Wanderu (Google Play & App Store)

Compare and buy bus and train tickets via Wanderu across Europe and North America.

36 – Virtuo (Google Play & App Store)

Don’t queue up at the airport to rent a car. With Virtuo you can arrange a rental car from your phone before you leave.

37 – Uber (Google Play & App Store)

Use Uber to grab a ride in over 80 countries. Know what you’ll be paying before you get in the car, so you don’t risk overpaying.

Translation & language

38 – GoogleTranslate (Google Play & App Store)

GoogleTranslate can translate menus and signs nearly instantly using the camera and can be used offline without the need to use your mobile data. You can also translate actual conversations on the go.

39 – iTranslate (Google Play & App Store)

Read, write and speak in over 100 languages with iTranslate. Like GoogleTranslate, you can use it offline and translate text and audio.

40 – Duolingo (Google Play & App Store)

Learn one of over 40 languages, from Spanish or French to Navajo. Duolingo is easy to use and encourages you to keep learning.

41 – Busuu (Google Play & App Store)

If you want to go a little more in-depth with your language knowledge, Busuu is worth a try. With 14 languages to choose from, you can learn the basics swiftly before your trip.


42 – XE (Google Play & App Store)

Transfer money in over 65 currencies and keep track of up to ten exchange rates.

43 – MyCurrency (Google Play & App Store)

Get access to instant exchange rates for over 180 countries at the tap of your screen.

44 – Tricount (Google Play & App Store)

If you’re travelling with friends or family, Tricount makes it easy to split costs. Simply add the costs, and everyone in your group can contribute.

45 – Easy Currency Converter (Google Play & App Store)

Easy Currency Converter lets you exchange over 200 major currencies at the drop of a hat.


46 – Timeshifter (Google Play & App Store)

This app uses advanced science to help you reduce or even avoid jet lag. Following the app’s advice can help you enjoy your trip from the second you land by taking small actions at the right time.

47 –  Flush (Google Play & App Store)

Never get caught out when you need to spend a penny. Flush guides you to the nearest public toilet.

48 – Holiday Extras (Google Play & App Store)

Just enter your trip details and Holiday Extras helps you take care of all the little extras, like airport parking and transfers.

49 – QSun (Google Play )

QSun lets you track your sun exposure to ensure you get a healthy tan while reducing the risks of getting too much sun.

50 – AccuWeather (Google Play & App Store)

Make sure you don’t get caught out by the weather. With accurate forecasts worldwide, AccuWeather can help make sure you pack the right clothes for your trip. Once you’re out there, you’ll know what clothes to wear when you head out.

51 – Bandsintown (Google Play & App Store)

Looking to see a live gig? Bandsintown can show you who is playing locally, no matter where you are.

We hope you find these suggestions helpful and that they make your next trip that little bit easier. Let us know if there are any travel apps you use that we’ve missed.