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7 ways to save money when travelling

Written by: Russell Wallace | Travel Insurance Expert
Last updated: 21 September 2022 | Created: 19 May 2017

 How to keep your money in your pocket and your feet travelling

7 ways to save money when travelling

Going on holiday is probably the best way to forget about the worries of everyday life. And as we get older, we find ourselves having more time to ourselves. Maybe your children have left home, or perhaps you have even retired, now is the perfect time to travel to parts of the world you always dreamed of visiting.

Yet whether you are planning a relaxing week by the pool in Spain or a trip to the vineyards in France, there is one thing you will always need to make the most of your holiday: money. With this in mind, we have put together a list of 7 ways to save money when travelling. Letting you keep your money for another adventure!

Travel during low season

Travelling in low season is a great way to save money when travelling. Not only will you find great deals on flights, but with most children in school, your holiday destination will be far less busy.

Take out the right travel insurance policy for your needs

If you know that you are going to be taking more than one trip abroad in a year, you might want to consider an annual multi trip policy. Usually, these policies will save you money compared with buying a number of single trip policies in a 12 month period. However, if you are unsure of how many trips you’ll be taking in a year, or if you will only be going away once, a single trip policy can provide greater flexibility and a longer trip duration.

Wear extra clothes on the plane

This is perhaps one of the simplest ways to save money when travelling, but one you may not have thought of! Many airlines nowadays only allow you to take one piece of hand luggage on board and charge a fair sum for taking additional luggage. Therefore, if you would like to avoid luggage charges, and add extra space in your bag for more items, it is advisable to wear a few extra layers.

But remember, your trip may be a little more uncomfortable!

In addition, if you are at all worried about the cost of losing your luggage, make sure you check out the baggage cover available on your travel insurance policy.

Buy your currency early

Another one of our easiest ways to save money when travelling, is for you to buy your currency a few weeks before your trip for peace of mind. Never wait until you get to the airport to exchange your money, as the kiosks there often take a much bigger cut of your cash and offer far less reasonable rates.

Get insured for any health conditions

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, we recommend that you buy specialist travel insurance which covers everything you need. From needing to cut short your holiday, or paying for medical expenses, you do not want to be stranded abroad; having to pay thousands of pounds to cover an emergency. You can use our handy travel insurance comparison site to find the right policy for you. Cover for emergency medical expenses is available at up to £15,000,000 per person.

Contact your bank before leaving

Before leaving the country, it’s advisable to call your bank. This will prevent any potential fraud alerts which can often leave your card frozen and you stranded. You can also learn about any potential fees you may have to pay when withdrawing money abroad. One of the best ways to save money when travelling is to avoid making multiple withdrawals from your account.

Speak with your doctor before travelling

If you are going on holiday and have any pre-existing medical conditions, we recommend that you speak to your doctor first. It is important that you find out whether your doctor considers you fit-to-travel. If you need to make a claim and your doctor says you were unfit-to-travel when buying your travel insurance, it could invalidate a claim and lose you a lot of money. In the event that your doctor advises against travelling after you have bought your insurance, having the travel insurance policy which includes Cancellation Cover should take care of your holiday costs.

The piggy bank of a holiday maker who followed our 7 ways to save money when travelling