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Declaring Undiagnosed Conditions

AllClear Team
Last updated 25 March 2021
Declaring Undiagnosed Conditions

Undiagnosed conditions and getting cover

Your condition is undiagnosed, can you still get cover?

We need to know the name of your medical condition, so if you have an undiagnosed condition you’ll need to wait until your GP or consultant has given you a diagnosis. Once you’ve received a diagnosis you can proceed to get a quote. Your GP or healthcare provider may be able to help you if you have a currently undiagnosed condition.

Waiting for a diagnosis before getting a quote

Should you wait for a diagnosis before getting a medical travel insurance quote?

Yes, you should wait for a diagnosis before getting a medical travel insurance quote. We’re unable to provide medical travel insurance cover unless all conditions/symptoms are diagnosed. If you’re waiting for a diagnosis, then please come back to us once you have one.

Waiting on test results before your quote

If your test is part of a routine check-up, on a previously diagnosed medical condition, you can get a quote. A medical condition is regarded as undiagnosed when the cause of symptoms is unknown. Please note, if you are unsure about the purpose of your test, it is best to confirm with your doctor.

Waiting on the results of an investigation before your quote

How do you declare that you’re waiting the results of an investigation?

If you have an undiagnosed condition or symptoms that you are waiting to be investigated, then, unfortunately, we would be unable to provide cover until you have a confirmed diagnosis. Once you have a diagnosis, you can come back to us and get a quote.

Excluding your undiagnosed condition

Can you exclude your undiagnosed condition?

As we are a medical travel insurance specialist, you must declare ALL medical conditions. That means, unfortunately, we’re unable to exclude any undiagnosed conditions from your cover.

Once you have a diagnosis you will be able to complete the medical screening process and get a quote.

Common questions about undiagnosed conditions

All your tests/scans were negative; what do you need to declare?

If the purpose of the tests and / or scans were only to investigate the possibility of a new medical condition, for which your results have confirmed you do not have, then there is nothing you need to declare.

However, please note that if the investigation was in relation to an existing and diagnosed medical condition, you may be asked about having tests or hospital visits for said medical condition, during the Medical section of your quote.

If your doctor was unsure of the diagnosis and you have no further tests planned, but you received treatment for the medical condition they suspected it to be, we will need to declare this medical condition.


How do you declare your symptoms?

You need to declare your medical condition rather than the symptoms that are presented as a result of it.

If you do not know what the condition is, then, unfortunately, it’s classed as undiagnosed and we cannot provide cover at this time.

Once you have a diagnosis, you can come back to get a quote.