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Flybe Collapse: What You Can Do

Written by: Russell Wallace | Travel Insurance Expert
Last updated: 15 May 2024 | Created: 30 January 2023


Collapse of Flybe: Information for Travellers and AllClear Policyholders

Flybe has ceased trading after going into administration on 27th January 2023, affecting the travel plans of thousands of Brits and leaving some stranded overseas. The regional carrier previously went into administration in March 2020.

If you have booked tickets with Flybe, the information below will help you understand your travel options.

Following the collapse of Flybe, can I get a refund?

If you bought your tickets through a third party or a travel agent, you should contact them immediately. ATOL (Air Travel Organisers’ Licensing) and other such schemes are designed to cover package deals bought through travel agents operating in the UK. Some ticket agents also include insurance for airline failures.

I bought my travel insurance after 23:59 on 27th January 2023.

The policy will not cover any claims caused by or relating to the collapse of Flybe, as it was a known event. This general exclusion applies to all sections of cover.

I bought my travel insurance before 23:59 on 27th January 2023.

Supplier insolvency, such as the collapse of Flybe, is not covered under AllClear Travel Insurance policies, so you need to contact your tour operator or travel agent and seek alternative arrangements or try to get a full refund.

How can I get my money back if I paid with a credit or debit card?

If you booked directly with Flybe and paid by credit card, you may be protected under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. You should contact your bank or card issuer for further information. You should also contact your card issuer if you paid with a debit card. Under chargeback rules, you may be able to claim.

Some card providers will ask for a negative response letter confirming your position due to Flybe’s collapse. You can find the letter on the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) website.

What do I do If I’m an AllClear Policyholder and I haven’t set off yet?

First, you should contact your tour operator or travel agent and seek alternative arrangements or try to get a full refund.

We can transfer your policy to cover the new dates if you need to rearrange your trip. Providing the following: you’re not making a claim, the new dates are within three months of your original departure date, are for the same or shorter duration, and are to the same geographical area.

What should I do as an AllClear policyholder already on holiday?

Please get in touch with your tour operator or agent to find out any alternative arrangements.