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Too close for cover? Holidaymakers overlook insurance for short-haul holidays

Written by: Letitia Smith | Travel Insurance Expert
Last updated: 22 August 2023 | Created: 22 August 2023
Estaing -one of the most beautiful villages of France

Our newest research has revealed an alarming trend. Nearly half of people with medical conditions (46%1) said they wouldn’t bother getting Travel Insurance for short-haul holidays.

The destinations people are more likely to consider visiting without cover include France (41%), Spain (37%), Ireland (28%) and Italy (26%).

Almost twice as many holidaymakers believe it would be easier to get a quick trip back home from France than from the Channel Islands (23%).

While three in four people (78%) still want to enjoy a summer escape, our data suggests the cost-of-living crisis is having an impact. 84% of people are looking for ways to cut the cost of a holiday.

Some people travelling to nearby countries may question whether they can get by without Travel Insurance.

You’d expect people with medical conditions to be more safety-conscious when it comes to Travel Insurance. Yet, the national average for people in the UK saying they would skip out on getting cover on short-haul trips was also 46%. This suggests that those needing cover the most may not be considering their specific needs when travelling.

Chris Rolland, CEO at AllClear Insurance, had this to say:

“Everyone needs to be aware that, no matter the distance you travel, or the length of your trip, getting Travel Insurance that meets your needs should be a priority when planning a holiday. Since the end of Covid restrictions, Europe has returned as the top choice destination for UK holidaymakers. We fully understand the pressures people feel from the cost-of-living crisis. But no holiday is too close to home to consider without comprehensive travel cover.”

1 – Based on research conducted in May 2023 by Sago Research UK for AllClear among a representative sample of 2,080 adults.