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Inspirational Travel stories: Sheila Lowrie

Written by: Lydia Crispin | Travel Insurance Expert
Last updated: 14 May 2024 | Created: 1 July 2022

Sheila Lowrie has been with AllClear since 2015. In the summer of 2017, She was to discover the true importance of having Specialist Medical Travel Insurance.  When the couple visited their holiday home in Portugal, her husband was taken ill…

Sheila shares her story:

“In 2017, my husband fell ill during our summer holiday. He had Parkinson’s disease but was OK to travel abroad. For 20 years we have had an apartment in Portugal.”

Travel Insurance was essential during a medical emergency abroad

“When my husband fell seriously ill, he was suddenly taken to hospital in Portugal so you can imagine how traumatised I was. After a few days, I rang AllClear and they were absolutely fantastic. They arranged for the air ambulance to come and collect him, the doctor and nurse came to the hospital to meet us and they actually escorted him all the way home to Newcastle, even taking him into the hospital to make sure everything was OK. It was amazing and meant so much to me.”

Her AllClear Experience

“AllClear were so good throughout the process, calling me up all the time in Portugal and guiding me through everything.”

Finding Specialist Medical Travel Insurance

“I originally went with AllClear for travel cover back in 2015. I went with them because I’d had a heart attack in 1990, so I wanted travel insurance with a good level of medical cover. To be honest, back in 2017 I sorted out our renewal travel insurance quickly, just before going away for a summer holiday. Part of me thought ‘why do I even need travel insurance? I’m going to my apartment in Portugal and if anything happens I can easily get a flight home.’ Nonetheless I decided to get some travel cover, given my medical condition. AllClear made it easy, they were friendly and their medical cover was excellent. From my first contact with them, AllClear were amazing. ”

“I would definitely recommend that people get the right cover. It’s really not worth getting a cheap policy – with AllClear everything important is covered, and having the best possible cover makes you feel much safer abroad.”

Travelling post-pandemic

Last September Sheila travelled abroad for the first time since the COVID pandemic and she returned to her apartment in Portugal. She is still with AllClear and says: “I’ve taken the annual multi-trip policy out with AllClear and, when it comes to travel cover, I’m not even going to look anywhere else. It’s so much easier because they know you, they know and understand your conditions and they look after you when it matters. From having to make a claim a few years ago, I know how good the cover is and that is reassuring.”

The cost of Travel insurance

When you take out insurance you often think about what it costs, not what will happen if you need to make a claim. When it mattered, AllClear were on my side. They’ve been absolutely fantastic.”

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Are you planning a trip?

Sheila’s story highlights the importance of finding comprehensive Travel Insurance. If you are planning a trip and have a medical condition, discover how AllClear Can help!

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