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Inspirational Travel stories: Sharon Thompson

Written by: Russell Wallace | Travel Insurance Expert
Last updated: 14 May 2024 | Created: 20 October 2023

When Sharon Thompson was looking for Travel Insurance to cover her needs, she discovered AllClear and never looked back.

“I have been insured with AllClear ever since I have been travelling. AllClear covers my pre-existing medical conditions, the policies are affordable and you can guarantee that you will get absolutely the right cover. This all gives me peace of mind when I travel.

“With AllClear, you can choose to have an excess or not; you can pay £50, or you can get the zero excess plan as well; honestly, it’s just as good. One of the reasons we insure with AllClear is because it is so easy to get cover for cruises, and it’s a type of holiday they really understand. You just enter all the countries online, and away you go. So simple.

“I do worry that if something happened to me when I was abroad—and I didn’t have the right insurance—I could lose my house trying to get home. I know with AllClear that I have the right insurance, that I’m covered, and that it’s written down in ink. It’s so worthwhile paying for the right insurance to have that piece of mind to just know you are covered—you never know what could happen when you go away, and with AllClear, I have that peace of mind wherever I go.”

“I like to have a hard copy of my Travel Insurance documents, so when I forgot to tick the box online last time, I was straight on the phone, and the customer service lady was so helpful. She sent out all the documents within two days.

“Unlike most insurers, AllClear actually offers cover to people who are on the waiting list for an operation. It is such a great peace of mind to know that AllClear offers this type of service, should I ever need it.

“I think with the rising cost of living, people might start cutting corners to try and save a bit of money, but with Travel Insurance this should never be done. The last thing you want when you are abroad is for something to happen and your insurance to be null and void. Of course, it’s particularly important if you have a pre-existing medical condition, but even if you don’t, it’s so important to get the right and adequate cover. People just shouldn’t cut corners.

“You have to really write down everything that you are suffering with; physically, you have to let the company know exactly what is going on. It doesn’t always mean your premium will go up; it just means that you are putting yourself in a better position to be looked after if anything were to happen abroad. Be honest from the start; keep it simple.

“The most important three things for me to look for with Travel Insurance are:

  • one, covering my pre-existing health condition.
  • two, reasonably priced policies.
  • and finally, ease of access in that the website is user-friendly and efficient so you can easily fill in all the criteria that you need to.

AllClear gets it right on all these counts.”

AllClear is a reliable company that is customer-focused, and I find them really convenient. I’ve actually seen travel insurers charging far more than AllClear with fewer benefits than AllClear offers. AllClear are specialists at what they do, so for me, it’s a no-brainer. You get what you pay for when it comes to Travel insurance, and for me, it’s all about trust and quality. That’s why I say with AllClear every time.”