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How an over 70’s Couple with Cancer Attended Their Son’s USA Wedding

AllClear Team
Last updated 25 March 2021
How an over 70's Couple with Cancer Attended Their Son's USA Wedding

Most parents dream of seeing their children getting married, but what if the wedding was abroad and your travel insurer wouldn’t cover you? 

That was the issue facing Jean Garner and her husband, Charles, both in their seventies, when their son and soon-to-be daughter-in-law announced they would be getting married in New York.


“I had really been around the houses looking for cover”

The Garners both have medical conditions to declare on their travel insurance. Jean is in remission from cancer and has an issue with her thyroid. Charles is also in remission from cancer, plus lives with kidney ailments and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). As a result of Charles’ kidney conditions, he requires regular dialysis, and would require it whilst in the US.

How an over 70's Couple with Cancer Attended Their Son's USA Wedding: Jean garner and husband on holiday

When Jean first looked into travel insurance for the coming trip they were flatly refused by well-known, mainstream providers because of their ages and medical conditions. She went online to try and find a solution and eventually discovered AllClear, a specialist provider that covers all ages, conditions and destinations.

“I didn’t know that such companies existed,” she says. “I had really been around the houses looking for cover at a price we were willing to pay. That was a stressful process, and it was a huge relief to know there was a solution available.

“We felt that the cost was worth the peace of mind”

“Seeing our son get married is obviously very important to us and understanding the costs of medical treatment abroad in the US, we were not happy to take the risk of potentially paying for it ourselves,” she explains. “And our son would not allow it!”

The couple took out a single trip, joint policy to cover their trip to the US, and said even at £3,300 they consider it good value:

“We were quoted in excess of £5,000 by other specialist providers,” explains Jean. “We felt that the cost was worth the peace of mind it gave not only myself and husband, but also my son and his fiancé – with their big day on the horizon the last thing they want to worry about is our travel insurance!”

“We’re entirely confident we are covered for every eventuality”

Jean purchased the policy over the phone and adds that the service was excellent: “We went through every single medical condition from both our pasts and the agent was able to tell us which ones were no longer relevant. The professional and knowledgeable approach meant we’re entirely confident we are covered for every eventuality.”

Could we help you with specialist medical travel insurance? 

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