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Retired Judge Rules Specialist Travel Insurance Value for Money

Written by: AllClear Team
Last updated: 22 September 2022 | Created: 28 August 2019
Retired Judge Rules Specialist Travel Insurance Value for Money: Judge ruling on case

Last updated on September 22nd, 2022 at 09:47 am

Richard Davis, a retired judge from the South of England, was diagnosed with cancer in 2016, and told he had another entirely separate cancer just two months later.

As a frequent cruise holidaymaker, he was frustrated that, despite being very much fit to travel, his regular travel insurance provider would no longer cover him. The prospect of being unable to fulfil his travel ambitions was extremely disheartening.

“I found the process of getting travel insurance that would cover my diagnoses extremely difficult because my previous provider and all the mainstream insurance providers flatly refused to consider my situation,” says Richard.

“As cancer is considered a disability under the Equality Act, I believe this to be unlawful. The Act dictates that there must be proof that a person poses a higher risk, and in not considering my individual circumstances, I believe these insurance companies are acting discriminatorily.”

Discovering Specialist Cover

Richard was recommended to try AllClear Travel Insurance, where he was able to purchase specialist medical travel insurance that covers: All conditions. All destinations. All ages.

“It was an enormous relief,” says Richard. “My oncologist had said there was no problem with my going away so it had been a terrifying prospect to think that it almost wasn’t possible.”

Retired Judge Rules Specialist Travel Insurance Value for Money: A Cruise in Venice
Cruising in Venice

Richard has enjoyed a number of European cruises since he was diagnosed, and travels with an annual policy. While he hopes to book another cruise soon, he is soon to undergo further tests and would prefer to be clear on his medical circumstances before confirming his next trip: “It is vital I inform the insurer if my medical condition changes to ensure they have the appropriate information to provide cover,” he explains.

Richard concludes that there should be greater awareness about specialist companies such as AllClear: “Their simple approach is that they will provide cover, and this is very reassuring. They do this after making a proper and full enquiry to understand an individual’s precise medical condition. The result is an accurate measurement of risk and a fair premium price that represents value for money.

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