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Solo travelling for seniors

AllClear Team
Last updated 22 August 2017
Solo travelling for seniors: photographer

Solo travelling for seniors: photographer

Why travelling on your own in your later years is wonderful after all

The senior traveller going solo has many advantages. You have more time, money and experience, to travel more extensively than you ever have before. For some the prospect of going alone might be off-putting, but what’s more important, a travelling partner or fulfilling the adventures you always wanted to do?

That’s right – the second option. But where do you start? First, in believing trying something new is a good thing! And secondly, we’ll be giving you food for thought on what to get up to on your trip.

Holidays suited to the mature holidaymaker

You don’t need to pigeon-hole yourself to something senior travellers are ‘supposed’ to do. There are a growing number of tour operators specialising in solo travel, and you can choose from almost every type of holiday you can think of. What’s more, you don’t have to pay any extra premiums to tour operators as a single traveller – so there’s no disadvantage there either.

Adventure holidays

If you are up for an adventure holiday, specialists such as wild frontiers offer a variety of tours for groups of single travellers. With destinations ranging from Antarctica to India, you could also book yourself on a charity adventure holiday, raising money for a cause while having a good time.

Cruise holidays

Cruises are an excellent way to visit many places but also have the comfort of your own on-board cabin. Increasingly many cruise ships catering for solo cruisers; with far more new cruise liners having single cabins available. Plus, meeting other tourists and travellers on a cruise is easy, as you will see the same people each night. Some companies such as Fred Olsen cruises even offer get-together or singles tables at their restaurants.

Tours and activities

You don’t have to book your whole break with a tour operator, you can always arrange your own excursions. Doing so can give you the freedom to be spontaneous with your events, and sometimes save you money by paying local prices. For example, city tours can often be easily arranged on the day, allowing you to explore at your own pace.

Ski holidays

If you want to try skiing it’s an excellent holiday to go solo with. You don’t really need a chat when you’re flying down a mountain do you? Plus, you can stay in a chalet with other skiers, which gives a home from home atmosphere, especially at meal times where everyone eats together. You can also join group ski lessons and courses whatever your ability, and meet others at the same level as you. Some operators specialise in solo ski holidays catering for those single skiers in resort. For those looking for Winter Sports travel insurance, we can offer cover up to the age of 76.

The specialist companies for Solo travelling for seniors

One traveller is a holiday specialist for the mature single traveller, offering holiday packages to destinations all over Europe, Asia and also some parts of Africa and North America.

Just you offer escorted single traveller specialist holidays catering for the age group of 35-70 years old. All different holiday types are available, from skiing, to city breaks and countrysides.

Friendship travel also provides holidays for the over 35s with a range of all-inclusive breaks and cruises.

Reasons to get going: a re-cap

  • Feel the freedom that comes from doing something by yourself and gain further confidence by being independent.
  • Fulfil dream trips you’ve always wanted to do.
  • Set your own pace and schedule. Do as much or as little as you want; it’s up to you!

And don’t forget your travel insurance. AllClear lets you compare multiple quotes for senior travel insurance in one place.

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