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Tales from AllClear Customers

Written by: Russell Wallace | Travel Insurance Expert
Last updated: 15 May 2024 | Created: 28 January 2020
A Tale or Two from AllClear Customers

We would once again like to thank our customers who took part in our poetry and short story competition back in November.

We were pleased to discover that many of our customers have an undeniable creative flair! Although there could only be one winner, we felt many entries deserved the chance to be shared and enjoyed.


So, read on to find out the tales of the top 3 runners up, your entry might be one of them…


A Tale or Two from AllClear Customers


Breakfast – A Poem by Claire D.


I am lying here, warm and snug

Waiting for the waited tug

Of soil and leaves from up above

Could it be that this is love

Or merely breakfast time once more

For robin, sparrow or macaw?


Mysteries of the Mind – A Poem by Mark M.


I really cannot remember, son

my memory is not the same.

What did I do yesterday?

I think I was on a train.


Oh no, that was 58 years ago.

Just before you were born.

Trying to get to the hospital

Why is my mind so forlorn?


Alzheimers has brought my poor dad

crumbling to his knees.

A once proud man now just a shell

What a horrible, dreaded disease.


Being Aware – A poem by Chris C.


I think of religions, their paths and belief

Their harsh regimes and sins they relieve

I choose not one but pick and mix

Worldly troubles they cause but cannot fix


I believe in science for the beginning of time

The rising of empires that grow then decline

The make up of plants, animals and man

Abusing our planet being the biggest sham


I want to think we are not alone

A enormous universe there to roam

Stars that shine and planets out of reach

Facts our planet and galaxy still have to teach


I love to watch, to sit and be aware

To watch the world in silence but trying not to stare

Not to stare at people but to guess what they do

What lives they live, where and with who


The whole of nature busy to survive

A constant battle to live and stay alive

Seasons wet, cold, windy but also sunny days

Sunrises and sunsets to set the skies ablaze


People get ill and I have seen them die

The moment they go you feel their energy fly

Energy gone they are now but a shell

Gone where who can tell


News around the world travels as the media grows

Nothing is kept quiet, every one knows

The urge to travel becomes more of a worry

Plan it well, do not be in a hurry


Not going along the easy route

During rush hour when people shout and hoot

Pick your time to suit your needs

If it is only a dream then plant the seeds


My surroundings, my universe and my life

My achievements, my journey, my strife

For when I lay down to let the energy expire

My universe will end, all that I am will retire


We hope you enjoyed the poems submitted by our customers, if you have a creative flare – keep an eye out for our next competition! 

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