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The art of solo travel: 6 tips for seeing the world on your own

Written by: Russell Wallace | Travel Insurance Expert
Last updated: 20 September 2023 | Created: 13 June 2023

The art of solo travel: 6 tips for seeing the world

Seeing the world on your own can be a liberating experience. With no one else to worry about, you can focus on taking exactly the kind of trip you want.

Solo travel is more popular than you might think, with over 1 in 10 (13.6%) of travellers planning to go it alone on at least one trip this year1.

If you usually travel by yourself or are considering giving it a go for the first time, you’ll need our 6 top tips to ensure you get the most from your individual adventure.

1 – Share your plans and stay in touch

Make sure that you tell a trusted friend or relative at home your travel plans. While travelling on your own is something you should embrace, it’s always best to ensure someone knows where you expect to be.

Share your itinerary, hotel reservation details and any planned activities with them. Before heading off on solo excursions, tell the hotel staff where you’re going and when you plan to return.

Keep in touch with people back home whenever you can. If available, use the Wi-Fi at your accommodation to call or message them.

2 – Back up your documents

Losing your documents on any trip can be a worry, but it’s even more of a concern when you’re travelling alone. Save copies or clear photos of your passport and travel documents. Email them to yourself so you have a copy on your phone, as well as packing photocopies.

3 – Connect with other solo travellers

Travelling independently doesn’t have to be lonely. If you feel like some company, try chatting to your fellow visitors, especially those also travelling alone. You’ll have someone to spend time with when you want to, and they may have ideas and plans you didn’t think of.

Meeting people on holiday can lead to friendships which last a lifetime.

4 – Learn some key phrases

Learning some lingo is always a good idea when you go abroad. For a solo traveller, it can be even more vital. Some friendly greetings, and “please” and “thank you”, will help you interact with the locals, while ensuring you know how to say “no” can be very handy if someone becomes too pushy for your liking.

5 – Enjoy yourself

Don’t let the extra precautions above put you off taking a holiday alone. A solo trip can be an excellent opportunity to try things you’ve always wanted to. Take in all the experiences you can, knowing that you’re the one who made them happen!

This trip is all about you, so make the most of it and have the holiday of a lifetime.

6 – Buy Travel Insurance as soon as you book your trip

As with any trip, buying your Travel Insurance as soon as you book your trip is vital. You’ll be covered for medical emergencies and loss of luggage, as well as cancellation costs, if you choose a policy which covers this.

That way, should something go wrong, you’ll know you have comprehensive cover.

With these tips and tricks, you can explore the world independently and focus on enjoying your fantastic holiday for one!

1 – AllClear Annual survey 2023 – 3,901 responses