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Music, love, or knitting: Which themed cruise floats your boat?

Written by: Russell Wallace | Travel Insurance Expert
Last updated: 3 April 2024 | Created: 3 April 2024

A recent surge in the popularity of themed cruises is marking a new golden era for holidays at sea. From culinary pursuits and embracing Disney princess fantasies, to match-making on the high seas, 81% of Brits are ‘getting on board’ with the idea of themed cruises.

Our research shows that British holidaymakers are actively seeking to combine new destinations and quirky hobbies and passions into one single holiday experience.

But which theme has proved most popular?

With music cruises catering for all tastes, ranging from the swinging 60s (Flower Power Cruise) and electronic (The Groove Cruise) to country (Outlaw Country Cruise) and prog rock (Cruise to the Edge), it’s no surprise that music topped the poll,  with 27% of the vote.

According to the data, the 10 most popular themes are:

Theme %
Music 27%
Culinary Experience 20%
Disney 19%
Historical 18%
Wine Tasting 17%
Film 15%
Arts and Crafts 12%
Dancing 11%
Love/Matchmaking 9%
Knitting 4%

Travellers with pre-existing medical conditions seem to be particularly open to a world of new experiences, with people in this category more likely to choose a drag cruise (8% vs 4%), dancing (12% vs 11%), or a book festival at (13% vs 10%).

Regional divide

Whilst themed cruises seem to be popular across the UK, they are a particular favourite amongst in Wales (88%). While the selection of themed cruises is potentially endless, each region around the UK has their favourites.

  • People in Yorkshire and the North West would sing the night away, opting for a music theme (35% and 33%).
  • Welsh cruise lovers would love to try a Disney cruise (28%).
  • Food cruises are the top choice for Scottish holidaymakers  (24%).
  • People living in the North West would like to live out their film fantasies at sea (18%).
  • Dancing from port to port is a favourite choice for people living in the West Midlands (17%).
  • Anything sports related is a winning goal for people living in Yorkshire (14%).
  • Londoners would prefer a board game themed cruises, with 15% choosing bingo and bridge. People living in the Capital would also like a little bit of a seafaring romp, with 13% opting for a love cruise.
  • Knitting and nattering is the top choice for 9% of West Midland based cruise fans.


Chris Rolland, CEO at AllClear Travel Insurance commented: “With new destinations and themes continually being added, it seems as though themed cruises are on the rise and attracting new audiences. For older people and those with pre-existing medical conditions, themed cruises can be the perfect holiday – a home from home on the seas where they can indulge in their hobbies and explore so many new and existing destinations that they may otherwise not had the opportunity to visit.  At AllClear our focus is to support travellers with their plans by providing the best cover possible so nothing gets in the way of enjoying all the benefits a holiday on the seas can bring.”


The online research was conducted for AllClear by Sago Research in January 2023 among a representative sample for 2,223 adults.