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Exploring the World with MS: Expert tips for travelling with Multiple Sclerosis

Written by: Russell Wallace | Travel Insurance Expert
Last updated: 27 April 2023 | Created: 27 April 2023

If you or someone you are travelling with has Multiple Sclerosis, there are some unique challenges you may face. At AllClear,we believe everyone has the right to travel and explore the world.

That’s why we’ve gathered some tips from experts in travelling with medical conditions, and a traveller and blogger who lives with MS

Talk with your doctor before you travel

According to Fit for Travel, an NHS travel advice site, you should talk with your GP about your trip before booking a holiday. They’ll be able to confirm you’re fit to travel and can offer more in-depth advice for managing your MS while you’re abroad.

Bring plenty of medication

When you speak with your doctor, make sure you request your medication in plenty of time for your trip. In case of delays or cancellations, you should bring more medication than you think you’ll need on your journey. Keep your medicine in its original packaging and pack it in your hand luggage.

You will need a doctor’s letter if you inject your medication. Without one, you may be unable to bring your needles through security.

Get the right Travel Insurance

Arranging Travel Insurance with pre-existing medical conditions is vital when travelling with any condition. Ensure that your policy covers medical expenses for your MS and any related issues. Get your Travel Insurance sorted as soon as you book your trip so you’re covered if you need to cancel before you go.

Avoid sunburn

Some medicines for MS can make getting a sunburn more likely to lead to complications, so make sure you avoid getting too much sun on your holiday. Try to wear t-shirts and hats whenever possible to limit your exposure.

Plan downtime

Blogger and MS traveller, TheTravellingMS recommends that you plan time to rest when you’re away, so you don’t overdo it. Making time to look after your health will allow you to better enjoy the experience of your chosen destination.

On her blog, she offers this advice.

“Quite often there is a want to do everything and try everything abroad but it’s important to look after every aspect of your health especially when you are away from home and your medical team.

Rather than planning a holiday with activities every moment of the day, be proactive and leave some gaps in the itinerary.”

We hope these tips are useful when planning your holiday.