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Understanding the baggage rule changes

Written by: Nick Heady
Last updated: 2 July 2024 | Created: 19 June 2024

For nearly 20 years, holidaymakers have had to navigate strict fluid restrictions on planes. But good news is on the horizon!
New scanners are being introduced that should see an end to the ‘100ml’ rules for UK travellers, and no more scrambling for travel-sized shampoo before you fly.

Couple laughing while they wait in an airport.

What’s changing?

Over the next 18 months, airports around the UK are rolling out advanced scanning technology called Next Generation Security Checkpoints (NGSC). These devices mean staff can inspect fluids in your luggage without you needing to remove them or use clear plastic bags.

Got a laptop, tablet, or phone? You’ll be able to keep those packed away too, reducing the risk of damage or loss during hectic security checks.

Smaller airports like London City, Southend, and Leeds Bradford have already started using this technology, though some have temporarily reintroduced the 100ml rule.

Larger airports, such as Gatwick and Heathrow, face a bigger task and have warned that the new scanners won’t be fully in place until mid-2025.

Always check the specific regulations of your departure airport before you arrive. That way, you’ll be well prepared and won’t suffer, or cause, any delays.

The benefits

One of the key advantages? You’ll spend less time at security, with no need to decant liquids or remove electronics from your bags. This streamlined process reduces stress and makes your journey smoother.

While there may be some initial hiccups during the transition, once the new system is up and running, UK travellers can look forward to a much more relaxed airport experience.