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What to do if the airport loses your baggage

Lydia Crispin | Communications Assistant
Last updated 25 July 2022

It’s not just flight disruption that’s been making the headlines lately. UK airports also seem to be struggling with baggage handling and lost luggage. Some British Airways passengers are being told to drop off their luggage the evening before their flight. The issues stem from a lack of ground staff following the pandemic.

While lost luggage may not be as impactful as a last-minute cancellation, it can still tarnish an otherwise wonderful holiday.

But what can you do if it happens to you?

While airlines will compensate you for some costs incurred due to delayed baggage, these will only cover the bare minimum essentials. Airlines should also cover expenses to replace lost luggage. However, there is no fixed amount of compensation.

You can make sure that you have comprehensive Travel Insurance

All AllClear branded products cover both delayed and lost luggage.

For delayed baggage, we cover a set limit of up to £250, depending on the level of cover. This is for the cost of replacement items and applies to a delay of at least 12 full hours. You’ll need a written report from your airline.

If your luggage is lost, you can claim under the Personal baggage section of cover for up to £3k. Again you’ll need written confirmation from the airline, and you may need to provide proof of purchase for items you’re claiming to replace.

Check your specific policy for full details of what is covered.

See how we’ve protected our customers’ belongings over the years.

Trustpilot-Reviews. AllClear Travel

Most helpful when suitcase was lost

I have no trouble contacting AllClear Tavel when I have needed to amend my policy and have found the assistants extremely helpful. When our suitcase went missing from the airport, the person who had taken ours by mistake rang AllClear, They were able to do this as we keep a copy of the telephone number our travel insurance in the suitcase. AllClear then contacted us and gave us the telephone number of the person who had our case. We meet up and swapped suitcases. I found this extremely helpful and over and above what I had expected of a travel insurance company. Thank you” – Jude

Trustpilot-Reviews. AllClear Travel

Very satisfied with refund process, would recommend

I took a single trip All Clear Gold Travel Insurance. Everything was clear and the documentation easy to understand.

After my holidays I had to make a claim for a refund due to a delayed bag, I was able to do everything online (send pictures of receipts, sign electronically) and this was refunded in full to me directly on my account in less than two weeks without any further questions or delays. Very satisfied!” – Amel

Hopefully, you won’t be affected by any luggage issues while travelling. But with AllClear Travel Insurance, you can travel with peace of mind that if anything were to happen to your belongings, we’d be able to help.

Author notes

Written by Russell Wallace, Content Creator at AllClear
Edited by Letitia Smith, M.Sc. Content Manager at AllClear

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