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Make 2024 your best year ever by planning your holidays in January

Written by: Nick Heady
Last updated: 23 April 2024 | Created: 15 January 2024

Many of us dream of travelling more in the new year, but we often put off booking our trips until later. However, January is the perfect time to start planning your holidays for the year.
Read on to find out why.

Save yourself time and money

One of the most significant advantages of planning your holidays in advance is that you can save money and time. Take advantage of early bird discounts, special offers and flexible payment options.

You also have more time to compare prices and options, letting you find the best deals for your budget and preferences. Booking your flights, accommodation and activities in advance can help you avoid the stress and hassle of last-minute arrangements and secure your spot before they sell out.

Give yourself something to look forward to

Planning your holidays in January gives you something to look forward to throughout the year. Start dreaming about your next adventure, researching your destination, packing your suitcase and counting down the days until you depart. Having something to look forward to can boost your mood and mental wellbeing.

Enjoy more flexibility and choice

Planning your holidays early also gives you more flexibility and choice. You can choose from a broader range of destinations, dates and durations that suit you. Take advantage of off-peak seasons when the weather is still pleasant, the crowds are smaller, and the prices are lower.

What are the benefits of travelling off-peak?

Travelling off-peak has many pros, both for your wallet and your wellbeing.

  • Save money on flights, accommodation, and attractions. There’s lower demand and lower prices, so you can find great deals and discounts on everything from airfares to hotels. You can also avoid surcharges and fees that some places charge during busy periods.
  • Enjoy a more authentic and immersive experience. With fewer crowds, you’ll have more opportunities to meet locals and explore their culture. Avoid long lines, noisy tourists and overbooked tours, and have more time and space to discover hidden gems, learn new skills, and make new friends.
  • Support local communities. You can support local people and businesses that depend on tourism for their livelihoods.
  • Boost your mood and health. You’ll have more flexibility and freedom in planning and enjoying your trip.

Travelling off-peak is a smart and rewarding way to see the world. You can save money, have more fun, do more good, and feel better by travelling when others don’t.

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So what are you waiting for? Start planning your holidays now, whether you want to visit Europe, Asia, America or beyond.


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