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Winter sun without jet lag

Written by: Russell Wallace | Travel Insurance Expert
Last updated: 15 December 2023 | Created: 25 November 2023

Treating yourself to some winter sun is a great idea. With smaller crowds and sometimes lower prices, the off-season can be a brilliant time to travel. But if you don’t fancy a long haul flight, what are some closer to home destinations where you can enjoy some winter warmth?

Here are some of our favourite options for winter sun destinations you can visit without putting your body clock through any significant adjustments.

Cape Verde GMT -1 hour

This string of ten volcanic islands lies in the Atlantic, off the western coast of Africa. Cape Verde is a popular destination year-round, with an average flight time from the UK of 6 hours. An hour behind the UK, there’s not much of a time difference to adjust to.
Winter temperatures average between 21C and 26C, making this a fantastic choice of destination during the winter.

The Canary Islands – GMT

Any of the Canary islands are an excellent place to soak up some winter sun. Lanzarote and Gran Canaria, especially, have good warm weather and are about a 4-hour flight from the UK. Both islands are featured in our Chase the Sun series for October, and you can visit them without having to change your watch.

The Azores – GMT

Another island destination, the Azores, are around a 4-hour flight from the UK. Even in December, you can expect highs of around 18C, and there’s no need to concern yourself with jet lag, as the islands are in the same time zone as the UK.

Tunisia – GMT +1 hour

You can reach Tunisia in just over 3 hours from the UK. Winter temperatures are comfortable, making this destination an excellent option for travellers who may find it too hot in the summer. Only 1 hour ahead of the UK, a trip to Tunisia means you don’t need to worry about accidentally phoning home at 6 in the morning.

Egypt – GMT +2 hours

The famous land of the pharaohs and home of the pyramids of Giza has an average winter temperature of around 14C, much balmier than you’d expect at home. Smaller crowds make winter an excellent time to visit this country, steeped in history. Being only 2 hours ahead of the UK means that you can enjoy your trip as soon as you step off the plane.


These are just a few beautiful destinations you can visit this winter without worrying about affecting your sleep patterns.