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Discover the key to budgeting for your 7-day cruise, and relax on your voyage like never before.

Cruises can be almost any length, from 2-night getaways to epic sailings of 250 days or more. However, a week-long cruise is ideal for most of us, allowing plenty of time to unwind and explore without missing home too much. But how much should you budget for a 7-day excursion?

We’ve compiled a guide to ensure your next cruise is smooth sailing.

How much money should I bring on a 7-day cruise?

One of the main attractions of a cruise is that, while on board, most of your costs are included in the price. However, while you may not have to pay for all food or drink on the ship, it’s a different story when in port. Most veteran cruisers recommend that you budget between £75-£100 per day for other costs.

You can cut back on spending and reduce your budget. However, you’re probably going to need at least £50 a day.

So, once you’ve booked your cruise, you’ll want to set aside around £350-£700 for other costs.

What will I need money for on a cruise?

With so much included in the cruise package, what else do you need money for? Well, there are plenty of optional extras on the ship and costs you incur while in port.

On-ship costs

  • Food – Meals are often included in the dining rooms and buffets, but some ships have speciality restaurants that cost extra. Perfect for celebrating a special occasion.
  • Drinks – Basics like water, tea and coffee are usually free on the ship, and many cruise lines will let you bring your own drink onboard. However, if you want to enjoy a tipple while you sail, you may be expected to pay for it.
  • Activities – Plenty of activities are included in your cruise as standard; however, some will cost extra to take part in.
  • Excursions – Most cruise lines will offer guided excursions while in-port. Costs vary but expect to pay between £30-£50 for these.

In-port costs

Once your ship has docked, you’ll be eager to explore the latest destination. However, unlike being aboard your ship, you’ll need to pay like any other tourist. Specific amounts will vary depending on where you are, but the below general expenses will give you a rough idea.

  • Transport – You’ll usually need around £15-£20 per port to get around by bus or taxi.
  • Attractions – Around £40 for each port should be enough to cover your admissions costs, and can be lower if you choose free exhibits or just fancy sightseeing.
  • Gifts and souvenirs – Remember to budget for presents and mementoes; the exact amount you need depends on your generosity and how many people you need to buy for!
  • Food and Drink – Expect to pay around £15 per port for drinks and food while off-ship. For tips, plan for an extra few pounds or so.
  • Bathrooms – Take some small change for if you need to spend a penny in a public facility.

When planning a voyage, remember that Cruise Travel Insurance is vital to ensure that your trip costs don’t spiral out of control if you have an accident or need to cut your trip short.

Happy sailing.

Written by: Russell Wallace | Travel Insurance Expert
Last Updated: 18 May 2023

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