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Hypothyroidism travel insurance

Hypothyroidism travel insurance covers you if you are living with hypothyroidism and wish to travel with peace of mind. Travel Insurance for pre existing conditions covers you for medical emergencies, even those related to COVID-19, which is vital to prevent unexpected medical bills and give you the support you need if you have any medical problems while you are away.

‘Patient’ the medical information site, reports that about 2% of all women and about 0.2% of all men in the UK have some form of hypothyroidism . If you’re among this number then you may have found that finding travel insurance is more difficult. At AllClear we can help you find the hypothyroidism travel insurance that you need. We can provide you with a choice of a range of  policies tailored to your specific circumstances.

Why AllClear?

  • You can get cover with a supplier that specialises in travel insurance cover for pre-existing medical conditions.
  • You can get a quote no matter your age as our AllClear policies have no upper age limit.
  • You get a choice of multiple travel insurance providers, so you can compare price and cover, all in one place.

Benefits of AllClear Cover

Gold Gold Plus Platinum
Emergency medical expenses and Repatriation costs Up to £10m Up to £15m Unlimited
Cancellation* and Curtailment Up to £2k Up to £15k Up to £25k
Travel Delay Up to £300 Up to £1,500 Up to £1,500
Recuperation stay
Personal Belongings Up to £2k Up to £2.5k Up to £3k
Personal liability Up to £2m Up to £2m Up to £2m
Legal protection cover Up to £50k Up to £50k Up to £100k
* If you buy a policy which includes cancellation cover
All these figures are per person and per trip

Why do you need hypothyroidism travel insurance?

If you have hypothyroidism then you’ll need to declare this when taking out travel insurance. Even if you believe your condition poses no risk you will need to declare it. This is because if you need to make a medical claim while abroad and you have failed to declare hypothyroidism as a pre-existing medial condition, you could be facing some significant medical bills!

We ask questions to determine how much of a risk your hypothyroidism is. This means we can assure you that your cover and the premiums on offer will be fair and representative of your condition.

What will the quote process for hypothyroidism travel insurance involve?

You’ll first need to give us some basic details about your trip, such as your destination and when you’ll be travelling. Next, you’ll need to declare your hypothyroidism and any other medical conditions you have. We’ll then ask you a few simple questions such as:

  • What type of medication do you take for your hypothyroidism?
  • Have you been admitted to the hospital in the last year for anything related hypothyroidism?
  • Do you have other autoimmune diseases?
  • Do you experience shortness of breath or heart palpitations due to your hypothyroidism?
  • Have you ever become dizzy or disoriented due to your hypothyroidism?
  • Do you experience any memory issues due to your hypothyroidism?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll receive one or more quotes from us for you to review. You can proceed to purchase or save your quote at this point.

Simple 3 step quote process

1. Call us or click a quote button on our site

Once you are ready to start the quote process, the first step is to provide your personal details and information about your holiday plans.

2. Complete our simple medical screening process

You then declare the medical conditions for you (and any other travellers) and answer the specifically designed medical questions.

3. Get your quotes

You will then get your quotes and can either proceed to buy, or save your quote, at this stage.

Do you need single trip cover or annual multi-trip cover?

If you are planning to take more than one trip over the course of a 12 month period, you may get more value from an annual multi-trip policy rather than a single trip travel insurance policy.

With an annual multi-trip policy you’ll be covered for an unlimited number of trips from the UK to your destination for 12 months.

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Written by: Russell Wallace | Travel Insurance Expert
Last Updated: 24 November 2023

[1] Based on Trustpilot reviews of all companies in the Travel Insurance Company category that have over 30,000 reviews as of January 2023.