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Information for UK policyholders who have a holiday booked with UK airline Flybmi

Written by: Russell Wallace | Travel Insurance Expert
Last updated: 18 February 2019 | Created: 18 February 2019

Flybmi, which flew to 25 cities, has collapsed.  It went into administration on 16th February and its future bookings for flights and holidays have been cancelled.

Flybmi was based near East Midlands Airport and operated 17 aircraft. This news puts 376 jobs at risk and comes as other airlines face problems.

Flybmi issued the following advice if you have flights booked with them:

  • People who booked directly with Flybmi should contact their card issuer to seek a refund
  • Passengers who booked via a travel agent or one of Flybmi’s partner airlines should contact them to ask about their options
  • Those with travel insurance should see if they are eligible to claim for cancelled flights

The Civil Aviation Authority also published advice for travellers.

If you are an AllClear Gold or Gold Plus policyholder, Tailor Made Basic or Comprehensive policyholder, Black Premier or Premier Plus policyholder

As your policy includes scheduled airline failure insurance (SAFI) as standard, then cover is available (but only if you didn’t book your flights as part of a package holiday.) This comes under the End Supplier Failure section up to £5,000 per person

Under the End Supplier Failure section of cover you can claim for unused flight charges (associated with the trip), that you cannot get a refund for elsewhere;  if you haven’t travelled yet, or if the outward journey has been completed.  Please see your policy wording for full details.

For claims purposes this is considered a known event at 19.30 on the 16th February 2019. So provided you purchased your policy prior to this date, you can submit a claim under this section, However, for any policies bought after this time, cover will not be available for this incident.

Please be aware, you cannot claim under the Cancellation or Curtailment section of your cover as a result of FLYBMI ceasing trading, but only in the ways listed above.

Check the CAA website for more details on what you can do if you need a refund.

If you are an AllClear Traveller policyholder

 Traveller policies do not include cover as standard. You’ re only covered for SAFI if you have opted for and paid the additional premium to upgrade your policy.

If you have bought any other policy through the AllClear website

 You will need to follow the advice given by Flybmi

Further updates will be provided with any new information.