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Where’s hot in November?

Written by: Russell Wallace | Travel Insurance Expert
Last updated: 20 October 2022 | Created: 20 October 2022

Where to visit in November?

Winter is fast approaching, and while temperatures are falling in the UK, there are plenty of options for travellers looking to get some early winter sun in November. Many destinations will be quieter and cheaper than usual as they’re in the off-season.

Winter also means that you can visit some destinations which you may find too hot in the height of summer. Plus, you can ensure you’ve got a nice healthy tan in time for catching up with your relatives at Christmas.

Where is the hottest place in Europe in November?

The Canaries are your best bet to find some good winter sun within Europe. Tenerife and Fuerteventura both have average temperatures of around 24C in November.

Where is sunny in November? Popular destinations:

On average, some of the hottest destinations to visit in November are:
Source: MetOffice

Destination Average temperature

in November

Average hours of

sunshine in November

Average flight time from the UK
Bangkok 33.1C 8 12 hours 30 minutes
Singapore 31.3C 5 13 hours
Dominican Republic   30.5C 8 9 hours
Barbados 30.3C 8 8 hours 55 minutes
Orlando 29.1C 7 9 hours
Cape Verde 28.3C 5 6 hours
Brisbane 26.6C 8 21 hours
Tenerife 24.3C 6 4 hours 30 minutes
Fuerteventura  24.2C 7 4 hours 30 minutes
Madeira 21.7C 6 3 hours 30 minutes


Bangkok in November

November can be a great time to visit Thailand’s capital city. The average temperature is over 33C, and the rainy season is ending. Evenings are still balmy, rarely falling below 24C, so you can explore the city at night without having to pack warmer clothes for the nighttime.

Being warm and dry in November means Thailand is a fantastic choice for your November sun.

Singapore in November

Singapore has a tropical rainforest climate, so November will still see plenty of rain alongside the average temperature of 31C. November is the start of one of the city’s two monsoon seasons, so rainfall is on the up, with an average of 243 mm. On the plus side, a cool sea breeze reduces the humidity slightly in the afternoons.

The Dominican Republic in November

With an average of 8 hours of sunshine a day, and temperatures of around 30C, November can be a great time to pay a visit to the Caribbean’s most mountainous island. It’s the tail end of the rainy season and hurricane season, but while rain is likely, any downpours are likely to be short but very heavy.

Barbados in November

Being not far from the Equator gives Barbados a hot tropical climate year-round. November is no different, with temperatures of around 30C. Like the Dominican Republic, rainfall is relatively common this month, but downpours are likely to be lighter and shorter on Barbados.

Orlando in November

Chock full of theme parks, Orlando in Florida, USA, is still 29C in November. Rain is unlikely, with only 58 mm falling in the average November. As the humidity drops, Florida makes an excellent choice for getting some winter sun, as you may find it more comfortable than you would in summer.

Whether you’re planning to head this November, remember to buy your Travel Insurance as soon as you book your trap.