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2024’s most popular cruise destinations revealed

Written by: Russell Wallace | Travel Insurance Expert
Last updated: 22 March 2024 | Created: 21 March 2024
Picturesque clifftop view from unique Oia town with traditional church belfry ,sailing cruise ship in Caldera and Therasia island in the opposite. Town has whitewashed houses carved, enthralling sunset

A significant change in holiday preferences is underway as trains, planes and cars face competition from the rising popularity of cruises. According to our newest research, two-thirds (66%) of Brits are seriously considering a cruise for their next getaway.

At a time when cruises are now attracting the likes of major TikTok influencers, and celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, the new data reveals not just a shift in holiday preferences, but also the opportunity it gives people to visit new exotic destinations that they may otherwise not have visited. 

The nationally representative poll of 2,223 adults also looked at which destinations people were considering. While the traditional ports of call remained popular, there was strong demand for more exotic and varied locations as well. 

The top 10 destinations for 2024 included:

Caribbean 17%
The Mediterranean 14%
Norwegian Fjords 11%
Greece 11%
Sweden / Norway 9%
Hawaii 9%
The USA 8%
Egypt 7%
Australia 6%
Japan 5%

Among the most intrepid destinations, 4% of Brits would be happy to explore the Galapagos Islands on board a cruise ship. The same proportion is interested in both exploring the frozen shores of Alaska, or seeing the penguins down in Antarctica.

For people over the age of 55, the Caribbean (16%), The Mediterranean (16%) and the Norwegian Fjords (14%) emerged as the top three sought-after cruise holiday destinations. Interestingly, older people were also more likely to be the most adventurous, such as Antarctica (6%), and Alaska (6%). 

Regionally, people in Wales were most interested in going on a cruise holiday (74%), and ranked locations such as Egypt (10%), the Rhine (8%) and Cambodia and Vietnam (7%), as their top destinations. Following the Welsh, cruise holidays were particularly popular among people living in London (73%) and the West Midlands (70%).

Percentage of people by region that would like to go on a cruise holiday

Region in the UK % that would like to go on a cruise holiday
Wales 74%
London 73%
West Midlands 70%
North East 69%
North West 66%
Scotland 66%
Yorkshire and The Humber 65%
South West 64%
Northern Ireland 63%
South East 62%
East of England 59%
East Midlands 44%

Most popular cruise destinations by region:

Top cruise destination Region in the UK % that chose this destination
Japan North East 12%
Australia Yorkshire and the Humber 11%
France London 9%
Galapagos Islands East Midlands 8%
Germany / The Rhine Wales 8%
Costa Rica & Panama London 7%
Croatia Northern Ireland 7%
Vietnam & Cambodia Wales 6%
Singapore West Midlands 6%
The Danube Wales 6%
Douro River / Portugal Wales 6%
India London 6%
Alaska East Midlands 6%
Antarctica East Midlands and Wales 5%
Brazil North East 5%


Chris Rolland, CEO at AllClear Travel Insurance commented: “Despite the financial pressures from the cost-of-living crisis, many people are still on the lookout  for quality and memorable holiday experiences. Our latest AllClear data revealed that cruise holidays were more likely to be chosen by people who prioritised the importance of wellbeing (74%), quality (73%) and safety (72%) when choosing the style of trip that best fitted their needs. At AllClear, we also stand for these values when helping people get the best travel insurance cover possible for their cruises.”


The online research was conducted for AllClear by Sago research among a representative sample for 2,223 adults.