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Planning an Easter trip?

Written by: Lydia Crispin | Travel Insurance Expert
Last updated: 22 September 2022 | Created: 12 April 2022
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Easter is a great time to spend more time with friends and family, with many using the extra days to take a trip. It’s estimated that 21.5 million leisure trips will be made by car between Good Friday and Easter Monday.

So, if you’re one of the many hoping to get away, read our blog to discover:

  • More about staycations
  • Top UK destinations
  • How to protect your holiday this Easter

What does ‘staycation’ mean?

Most Britons (72%) believe the term ‘staycation’ refers to any holiday taken within the UK. It’s often used to describe a domestic trip and was first added to the oxford dictionary in 2010, although it dates back to the early 2000s.

Why are staycations popular?

Staycations are popular for several reasons.  UK trips are often cheaper as there is no need to budget for flights, which is a huge factor for many given the current cost of living crisis.

The growing popularity of UK staycations was evident before the pandemic. Domestic travel spending in the UK reached nearly 25 billion British pounds in 2019. While our freedom was restricted in 2020, our desire to get away was not. ‘Staycation’ became the holiday search term with the highest growth, soaring over 500%.

Although we’re all delighted to have left lockdowns in 2021, it seems we Brits are not ready to forget our love of ‘staycations.’

If you need some inspiration for your next home away from home trip this Easter? Discover these top 4 UK destinations.

Do I need Travel Insurance to travel within the UK?

It is not mandatory for you to buy UK Travel Insurance – however, it is a great way to protect your trip.

The pandemic showed us that things change quickly. While there is a sense of Covid rates levelling off, cases remain high, with an estimated one in every 13 people infected as of the 2nd of April.

Many UK Travel Insurance policies on the market offer cancellation cover should anyone named on the policy catch Covid-19 before the trip, preventing them from travelling. Some policies also offer disruption cover should those named be confined to their accommodation while away due to a Covid-19 diagnosis.

If you’re staying in rented accommodation, some UK Travel Insurance policies cover any accidental damage. Other benefits include cover for breakdown for vehicles. Helpful for those named on the policy when travelling to and from holiday destinations.

When buying UK Travel Insurance, you must check your policy terms and conditions. Some policies will require you to take your trip over a set number of days with booked accommodation. For your policy to remain valid, you must also declare any pre-existing medical conditions.

Where can I buy UK Travel Insurance?

At AllClear, we cover all destinations, including the UK. So if you’re thinking of taking a trip this Easter, we can help!

Our AllClear branded policies include Superior1 rated Covid cover for FREE so that you can travel with confidence.

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Author notes

Written by Lydia Crispin, MA Content Creator at AllClear
Edited by Letitia Smith, M.Sc. Content Manager at AllClear

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