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Your holiday checklist

AllClear Team
Last updated 5 May 2021

Making sure you’re fully prepared for your trip

If you’re still to head off on a holiday, then you’re probably thinking about getting organised and everything else you may need to do before you go.

We’ve put together a handy holiday checklist that you can use to help you get prepared for your trip away!

Travel insurance

This may be an obvious one, but we thought it was important that it came first. We know insurance may not be the most exciting thing about going on holiday but it’s vital that you have cover, especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions!

And remember, you must purchase your travel insurance before you arrive at your destination for it to be valid. Plus, it’s worth booking it far enough in advance so you’ll be covered for cancellation, if necessary. Read our guide on comprehensive travel insurance.

EHIC (European Health Insurance Card)

The EHIC card is available free from the NHS and entitles you to the same level of medical cover as the country you’re visiting. This won’t however cover you for things like cancellation or repatriation and it’s not a valid form of travel insurance so always ensure you have a comprehensive travel insurance policy as well.


Try to get your currency in advance and shop around for the best deals. If you leave it to the last minute, you could end up getting it in a hurry and not getting a good rate.


Make sure you’ve got all the medication you’ll need during your time away, plus, it’s a good idea to get some extra in case of any delays or damage to your medication while travelling.


When packing, try to think about what you’ll want to wear each day and plan outfits rather than just packing items. Rolling your clothes rather than folding them is also a great way to save space when packing!

Beach towels

Beach towels may take up a lot of luggage space but if you’re going somewhere where they won’t be supplied by your accommodation then you may well need them! They’re also easier to pack if you fold then roll them!


If you’re flying and only taking hand luggage then all your liquids will need to be 100ml or under. This includes toothpaste, sun cream, shower gels, shampoo etc. Even if you are taking hold luggage, you may opt for smaller versions to reduce the weight of the case.

Boarding pass/check in online if possible

You’ll want to make things as easy as possible for yourself when you get to the airport so always check in online if you can and print your boarding pass. Then put all your travel documents together and keep them in a travel wallet in your hand luggage so you can’t forget them!

Travel plug

Because it’s always annoying when you arrive on holiday and realise you’ve forgotten one!


Even if you tan quickly, you’ll still need to protect your skin from the sun with at least a factor 30. You may want to take two or three different levels of SPF protection but remember to always choose ones that offer UVA to at least a 4-star protection.

A mini first aid kit – Plasters, painkillers, antihistamines, insect repellent, insect bite or sting treatment

Whether it’s an annoying bite, those new shoes you bought just for your holiday are resulting in blisters or the heat of your chosen destination has given you a headache, you’ll be pleased you packed a little bag of these essentials.

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