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Where’s hot in September

Written by: Lydia Crispin | Travel Insurance Expert
Last updated: 21 September 2023 | Created: 15 September 2021

Last updated on September 21st, 2023 at 12:04 pm

If you haven’t had much chance to get away this year so far, you may want to get away in September.  The sunshine starts fading in the UK as the new school term starts,  but elsewhere in the world, the sun keeps on shining.

Where is the best place for a sun holiday in September?

Which European countries are best to visit in September?

September’s a wonderful time to visit Southern Europe as the crowds reduce. You can enjoy gentle sea breezes, mild waters and warm weather throughout the month. Since most people are going back to work or school in September, European destinations tend to be quieter. Even the most popular holiday destinations are more peaceful at this time of year, while their restaurants and bars remain open.

Where in the world has the best weather in September?

During September in the Southern hemisphere, spring has sprung, perfect for wildlife spotting and beach hopping. And that’s not all. You could soak up some rays on Southeast Asia’s beaches or take advantage of the milder temperatures in the Middle East.

If you’re thinking about making your summer last longer, take a look at our list of hot destinations in September below. Check out these holiday favourites – from Mediterranean destinations to further afield. We’ve considered the number of sunshine hours per day to average temperatures, giving you the best possible information to help make big travel decisions.

We reveal below were to chase the sunshine while summer in the UK is ending…

Where is sunny in September? Popular destinations:

On average, some of the hottest destinations to visit in September are:



Average September temperature


Average daily sunshine hours in September


Flight time from UK






7 hours

Canary Islands

25C to 27C


4 hours 30 minutes




4 hours 30 minutes




2 hours 55 minutes




2 hours 55 minutes




4 hours




2 hours 25 minutes




2 hours 15 minutes

South Africa



11 hours 30 minutes




2 hours 30 minutes




3 hours 30 minutes

Paris, France



1 hour 17 minutes.

Nice, France



2 hours 3 minutes

Queensland, Australia



18 hours 41 minutes

Los Angeles, USA



11 hours

Source: Conde Nast Traveller Where is hot in September? 10 sizzling spots | CN Traveller and Met Office Where is hot in September? – Met Office

Where is the hottest place abroad in September?

Prefer your holidays really hot? Dubai is the hottest destination on our list. Temperatures remain above 30C during September, so you can get that last bit of sunshine before autumn sets in back home. 

Dubai has high temperatures all year round due to its location on the Persian Gulf coast. September’s one of the hottest months, although slightly cooler than the peak of August. The evenings stay warm once the sun goes down.

The UV levels are extremely high and there’s a risk of sunstroke in September so you should drink plenty of water, avoid the midday sun and use lots of sun cream.

Santorini weather in September

September’s one of the best times of year to visit Santorini for some late-summer sun, with  an average of 11 hours of sunshine per day. Even better, the crowds reduce in September, so both the beaches and resorts are quieter.

Canary Islands weather in September 

The Canaries are still one of the most popular holiday destinations for sun-seekers.  They benefit from Africa’s Sub-Saharan climate so you can enjoy temperatures of around 25°C during September, perfect for a late hot holiday.

In Fuertaventura, for example, average daily maximums reach highs of 27.5 °C, similar to temperatures across July and August.

Los Angeles weather in September

Peak tourist season has gone by September, leaving you free to explore California at a more leisurely pace. 

Croatia weather in September

In September, the Dalmatian Coast is bathed in hot sunshine.

Gibraltar weather in September

Gibraltar in September should be a little more comfortable than the peak summer temperatures.

Portugal weather in September

The warm weather in Portugal continues well into September. With highs of up to 30C, the beaches are less crowded, and the sea is still perfect for paddling in.

September is a lovely time to visit Lisbon as the days are still warm, but it is not too hot to explore the city. 

 France weather in September

Temperatures in Paris fall during September as it begins to cool down for Autumn, although it remains quite warm which is perfect for sightseeing. 

And it’s so close to home that it’s ideal for a September short break, especially with the ease of the Eurostar. 

September is also a great time to visit Nice  – you can enjoy the lovely weather without the busy crowds. And the sea is still warm enough for a swim!

South Africa weather in September

September is the season of Spring in South Africa. The weather is warm in all regions, making September an ideal time to explore: from whalewatching; to the Garden Route; and safaris, particularly as newborns begin taking their first shaky steps. 

Sardinia, Italy weather in September

With average temperatures of 22C, it’s still warm enough to explore the 1,000km of Italian coastline.

Queensland weather in September

Brisbane has a subtropical climate. There are 8 hours of sunshine with the day length increasing as the month goes on.

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