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Cruising is a specialised type of holiday that is also growing in popularity. The prediction is that cruise holidays will continue to increase as travellers choose to avoid air travel, particularly if they leave from UK ports such as Southampton, Dover, Portsmouth, Newcastle and Liverpool.

You tend to plan for a cruise holiday, a long time in advance, choosing your destination and the ship that will best suit you with care. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you have comprehensive travel insurance for cruise holidays. This is particularly important, if you have existing medical conditions, You might want to consider getting specialist cruise travel insurance, that can cover you for specific problems that might arise on your cruise...

Additional Cruise Cancellation Cover with AllClear Cruise

Whether you are an avid cruiser, or you have your first ever cruise planned, the chances are that you have really planned for this cruise and have been looking forward to it and saving up the pennies for a long time. You have made all of the careful plans over many months, choosing your destination and the ship that will best suit you. You may have booked the trip of a lifetime a World Cruise. So imagine if the worst should happen, and you need to cancel your cruise or cut your trip short.

At AllClear Cruise we specialise in cruise travel insurance so understand your concerns. With AllClear Cruise travel insurance you can get additional cancellation cover of up to 25,000, allowing you to look forward to your cruise with complete peace of mind.

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Missed Port and Stateroom Confinement Cover with AllClear Cruise

If you have cruised before, you will know that sometimes (although this is rare) scheduled port visits may have to be cancelled, and this can be a real disappointment, especially if it was one of the main reasons for picking that particular cruise.

At AllClear Cruise we provide specialist cruise insurance, so we understand all the problems that can arise specific to your cruise, and therefore offer missed ports cover. That is why with AllClear cruise travel insurance you can claim up to 500 compensation if you miss your scheduled port visits are cancelled due to adverse weather or timetable restrictions. You will also be covered for the cost of any pre-booked excursions which you were unable to use due to hospitalisation for accident or illness.

It is bad enough if you miss a port or excursion, but it is even worse if you are actually confined to your stateroom because of accident or illness and you can't even enjoy your cruise. For those days, with AllClear Cruise you have stateroom confinement cover. You can claim compensation for this inconvenience of up to 100 per day, up to a maximum of 600. You will also be covered for the cost of any pre-booked excursions which you are unable to use as a direct result of you being confined to your own stateroom due to an accident or illness.

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