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Winter sports

Winter sports covered

It’s common for policies to include cover for a variety of winter sports activities such as tobogganing, on and off-piste skiing, ice-skating and heli-skiing. On and off-piste skiing/snowboarding cover may require you to be accompanied by an instructor, so read the specific policy providers wording carefully.

However, to be covered for these activities most policies require the addition of Winter Sports as an Optional Extra.

Once you have chosen your preferred policy during the quote process, you will be able to add Optional Extras during the Extras section.  Please note that Winter Sports is not available as an Optional Extra on all policies, sometimes due to the travel insurance provider imposing an age limit on the cover.

Age limit for winter sports cover

Most of our policies provide the option to upgrade and include Winter Sports, with a number of our providers insuring travellers up to and including the age of 75 years.

Simply run through a quote and seek to add Winter Sports during the Extras section (after you have selected your preferred policy). When you have been able to include Winter Sports, the premium of your quote will adjust accordingly.

Frequently asked questions on winter sports cover

Are you covered as a ski instructor or if you are going to a ski instructor school?

Skiing and ski training can only be covered on a non-professional basis.

Do we cover mountain rescue?

This depends on the type of policy you purchase and the activities you opt to cover.

For example, ski cover would normally include mountain rescue cover, as would trekking.

In fact, it’s not usual for mountain rescue to be covered as standard.

However, it is best to check its inclusion by reading the policy wording of your preferred provider before you buy your travel insurance.

Simply run through our straightforward quote process. When you reach the end of the process you’ll be able to compare suitable providers before you buy, and get details of the mountain rescue/air ambulance services on offer.