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Why do you need travel insurance with medical conditions?

With comprehensive medical travel insurance, you’re covered for medical emergencies up to £15 million. This includes all your medical conditions that you have declared and cover for COVID-19. You’ll also be covered up to £15K if you need to cancel your holiday because of your medical condition.

While you’re away, you’ll have access to 24-hour medical emergency assistance. You can claim benefits when you’re treated abroad as an in-patient.

As well as the medical cover, you’ll still be covered for other standard travel insurance benefits such as lost luggage (up to £3K). As long as there are no FCDO restrictions, for example relating to the Covid-19 pandemic, you’ll be covered for travel to any country in the world.

On the other hand, without comprehensive cover, you could be liable for very large medical bills.  The Association of British Insurers found that emergency medical assistance in some areas of Europe can exceed £250,000.

You’ll have to pay for transport home if you have a medical emergency. An air ambulance from the USA, for example, could cost you £80K to £100K.

We’re the UK’s Number 1 for Travel Insurance1. AllClear medical travel insurance can cover: All medical conditions. All ages. With the right medical travel insurance, you can travel with peace of mind, knowing we’ll be there if the unexpected should happen.

Coronavirus Travel Insurance when travelling with medical conditions

The UK rollout of the Coronavirus vaccine has renewed hope for us all to travel in 2021. 92% of our customers have now received at least 1 dose of the vaccine.

The pandemic has demonstrated how quality travel insurance that covers Covid-19  can help you travel with confidence.

In our AllClear Annual Travel Survey, 40% of you told us that travel insurance is even more important since the Coronavirus pandemic. 36% said the best possible travel insurance that would cover you for COVID-19 was now a top priority. 50% of those surveyed had a holiday cancelled in 2020 because of COVID-19 related factors.

Our Covid-19 cover has been rated Superior by Which? Magazine and is included with AllClear policies at no extra cost. This means you’ll be covered if you need to cancel your holiday because you’re diagnosed with Covid, or for emergency medical expenses if you contract Coronavirus while on holiday.

Our customer tells their Covid-19 travel story


AllClear customer, Joe Edgar and his wife, from Glasgow, were on a holiday in Australia for a family wedding back in March 2020, and found themselves stranded with no way to get home due to the Coronavirus pandemic. After multiple cancelled flights, Joe called AllClear, his insurance company, to see if they could help him….Read more.

Main Benefits
  • Cancellation and Curtailment covered up to £25,000, including for Covid-19
  • Up to £15 million emergency medical expenses cover, including for Covid-19
  • Up to 30 days FREE extended cover (if due to unexpected circumstances beyond your control)
  • Up to £2,000, if medically necessary, for a friend or relative to travel from your home area to stay with you if you fall ill with Covid-19 (costs for room and to accompany you home)
  • Repatriation costs, when medically necessary, to bring you back to the UK where it is deemed to be in your best interests
  • Following recovery from Coronavirus, costs for a continued recuperation stay, when medically necessary and under doctors advice
  • Costs for your return flight following your enforced stay due to Coronavirus
  • Personal Belongings covered up to £3,000
  • All conditions. All ages.
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All these figures are per person, and per trip.

Will you be covered if you’re travelling during the COVID-19 pandemic?

There are three things to check so that you can make sure you're covered:

  • You must be fit to travel
  • The FCDO must NOT have advised against travel to your destination - check the FCDO travel advice
  • You must follow the local government advice for your destination, checking and following their guidelines and entry requirements

You can then be covered for emergency medical expenses and cancellation for a positive diagnosis of COVID-19, with AllClear travel insurance with enhanced Coronavirus cover. Existing policyholders should read our Frequently Asked Questions if your trip is affected by Covid-19.

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So what’s a pre-existing medical condition?

A pre-existing medical condition is any illness or injury you’ve experienced symptoms, treatment, investigations, surgery, or medical appointments within the last two years. These include diabetes, COPD, heart disease or cancer.

Declaring all pre-existing conditions on your policy will make sure you’re covered if you need treatment when abroad.

When you get a quote with AllClear, we would consider a medical condition to be:

  1. Any condition you have received treatment for, including
  2. Any medical condition where  you have undergone surgery, in or out-patient treatment, tests or investigations in a hospital, clinic or GP surgery within the last 5 years
  3. Any condition where you have been prescribed medication in the last 5 years.

You can choose to declare your pre-existing medical condition to us when quoting online or over the phone, whichever you prefer.

The medical screening process is a set of simple questions that determines the likelihood of you needing medical assistance while abroad. Here are just some of the medical conditions where we offer cover:

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Medical Travel Insurance and the GHIC

From January 2021, the GHIC replaces the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This card means you’ll receive treatment in EU countries as though you were a local citizen.

However, the EHIC isn’t a substitute for travel insurance. It doesn’t cover you for:

  • the costs of rescue and repatriation (an air ambulance from Spain back to the UK costs £10,000 or more)
  • lost or stolen property such as passports, baggage or precious items
  • losses from trip cancellation, curtailment and interruption
  • extra travel and accommodation costs due to illness
  • any medical treatment needed outside of the EU

How is the cost of medical travel insurance calculated?

We consider a number of factors when calculating the premium (price of the policy).

These include the destination you’re travelling to. Spain, the United States and Canada are among the more expensive countries for medical treatment.

Other factors are: the length of your trip; the type and severity of your medical conditions; your age and the level of benefits being offered to you. Quote premiums may vary by provider because they may offer different levels of cover, excesses and upgrades.

What is the medical screening process?

The medical screening process is a sequence of questions relating to your medical condition(s) that you’ll answer when completing your travel insurance quote. You’ll need to complete the medical screening process when getting a quote via our website or over the telephone.

How to make sure you’re ‘fit to travel’?

You don’t need to provide us with a certificate from your doctor, but you’ll need to confirm you’re fit to travel when buying your policy.

If you need to make a claim, you may need a letter from your doctor confirming that you were fit to travel at the time you bought your policy, and the date when you were declared unfit to travel.

What is medical emergency assistance?

If you have a medical emergency, the emergency medical assistance company will liaise with the hospital and medical professionals during your treatment. If needed, they’ll arrange for your return home. All our providers offer 24-hour medical emergency assistance.

Your medical condition is undiagnosed, can you still get cover?

We need to know the name of your medical condition. If you have a currently undiagnosed condition you’ll need to wait until your GP or consultant has given you a diagnosis. Then you can get a quote.

What do you need to do about your prescription medication?

We suggest you carry extra supplies in case you’re delayed abroad. Subject to airline restrictions, carry your medication in your hand luggage and not in checked-in bags.

Also, it’s useful to travel with a copy of your prescriptions. Always check that your medications are not prohibited in the destination you’re travelling to.

By Letitia Smith MSc, Content Manager at AllClear.

1 Ranked first Overall for Travel Insurance on SmartMoneyPeople.com from over 14,300 independent customer reviews on 27/01/2021.