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Conditions Covered by AllClear Travel Insurance

Pre-exsiting medical travel insurance covers you if you have declared all conditions when submitting your travel insurance application. This type of insurance covers you for medical emergencies, even those related to COVID-19, which is vital to prevent unexpected medical bills and give you the support you need if you have any medical problems while you are away.

It’s important that you declare all your conditions when submitting your medical insurance application. You can either report your medical conditions through our health screening process or over the phone or online.

The screening process is a set of questions which will allow us to determine how your medical conditions might affect the likelihood of you making a claim or the cost of treatment when you are on holiday.

Here are examples of medical conditions our customers have got cover for:

Alzheimer’sGoutNut Allergy
AneurysmHead and Neck CancerPancreatic Cancer
Anorexia NervosaHeart Valve ReplacementPancreatitis
Back ProblemsHerniaPre-existing Illness
Bipolar DisorderHydrocephalusProstate Cancer
Brain AneurysmHypertensionPsychosis
Brain TumourHypothyroidismPulmonary Embolism
Broken LegIleostomyPulmonary Fibrosis
BronchiectasisKidney PatientsRenal
CardiomyopathyKidney StonesSarcoidosis
CataractsLiver CirrhosisSchizophrenia
Cerebral PalsyLiver DiseaseSciatica
ChickenpoxLiver TransplantShingles
Coeliac DiseaseLupusSkin Conditions
ColostomyMelanomaSlipped Disc
Crohn’s DiseaseMeningiomaStoma
Type 1 DiabetesMental HealthStroke or Mini-Stroke (TIA)
Type 2 DiabetesMesotheliomaTerminal Illness
DiverticulitisMotor Neurone DiseaseUnderactive Thyroid
EndometriosisMouth CancerVasculitis


[1] Based on Trustpilot reviews of all companies in the Travel Insurance Company category that have over 25,000 reviews as of May 2021.