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5 tips to help you beat the winter blues

Written by: Russell Wallace | Travel Insurance Expert
Last updated: 9 January 2023 | Created: 9 January 2023
Picture shows a mature couple cuddling and wearing cosy jumpers. Both are smiling.

While Christmas is a bright point of the winter for many of us, the rest of the season can make us feel a bit down. Around 2 million of us are affected by the winter blues in the UK. Also known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), it is nothing new and can often peak after Christmas and New Year. If you find yourself sleeping more, finding less joy in your usual hobbies and being less active, you may be suffering from SAD . Read our tips for keeping your winter blues in check below.

1 – Keep Active

Picture shows a smiling, mature couple on a winter stroll near the coast.
Keeping active isn’t just great to help shift any extra weight you’ve gained over the holidays. It’s also an excellent way to lift your mood. A daily one-hour walk around lunchtime can help beat your blues: fresh air, exercise and sun all help combat SAD. Make the most of brighter days and get outside for longer for some vital sunshine.

2 – Eat Healthily

Picture shows a happy couple cooking together in a kitchen. They are prepping some fresh, healthy vegtables

Another common resolution, which is also great for combating SAD, is eating healthily. Eating better gives you more energy and helps keep the lethargy associated with SAD at bay. A good mix of fresh fruit and vegetables will help balance all the carbs you’ve had over Christmas.

3 – Make time for your friends and family

Picture shows a happy group toasting with glasses of red wine.

Spending time with your loved ones is one of the best ways to lift your mood and beat the winter blues. Especially now that the pressure of hosting a perfect Christmas is over, you can focus instead on spending time with your family and closest friends. Arrange days out with them so you have something to look forward to, or invite them around on the spur of the moment.

4 – Take up a new hobby

Picture shows a happy, middle aged woman working on a new writing project.

Keeping your mind active can improve your mental health, so picking up a new hobby is a brilliant way to keep the blues in check. You can take up a new game, such as bridge, or do something creative like start a blog. It doesn’t matter what you decide to do, as long as it keeps your mind busy and gives you something to look forward to.

5 – Book a holiday

Picture shows a happy group of friends on holiday.

Booking a winter break can help you fight the winter blues in two ways. Firstly, planning a holiday keeps your mind busy and gives you something to focus on. Secondly, what better way to get more sunlight than to head somewhere warm and sunny? You’ll also be more likely to go for long walks and explore. You can even bring some friends and family along for even more of a boost to your mental health.

However you decide to fight back against the winter blues, remember that self-care is vital

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