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Hope for a Summer Holiday in Spain 

AllClear Team
Last updated 1 June 2021

In the last few weeks, brits have endured, storms, snow and of course, rain.  Many of us have got through the bleak days of January by dreaming of the summer. So, when news of Spain’s intention to re-open broke the headlines, we were all filled with a little joy!

But with COVID continuously evolving, what are the latest developments? Both the Spanish Prime Minister and the Tourism Minister have spoken out about Spain’s hope to rebuild their tourism industry. Read on to find out what they had to say. We will also provide details on how to protect yourself should you wish to book post lockdown holiday in Spain.

Will Spain be Open for Tourists in Summer 2021?

During the 113th meeting of the Executive Council of the World Tourism Organization,  another blow to the tourism industry was dealt by the Spanish Prime minister, Mr Sanchez. It was reported by Euro Weekly that Mr Sanchez doesn’t expect to welcome tourists to Spanish shores until nearly all of the population has been vaccinated.

However,  Spain’s tourism minister remains optimistic. Reyes Maroto has now said Spain hopes it will be possible at the end of spring. Stating that:

“Our priority in 2021 is to reactivate tourism and resume safe mobility on a global scale as soon as possible”

She continued optimistically to state that:

“We hope that at the end of spring and especially during the summer, international travel will resume and travellers will choose Spain as their destination.”

Spain’s Vaccine Rollout

Spain’s vaccination rollout began on the 27th December, with 350,000 vaccines a week expected to be administered. The Spanish Prime Minister, Mr Sanchez plans for the country to “progressively” prepare to welcome international tourists, once 70% of Spain’s population has been vaccinated.

You can check Spain’s progress and other countries around the world using the COVID-19 Vaccination Tracker.

Spain’s progress with the rollout so far appears promising. And given that Mr Sanchez believes that “only mass vaccination will open the way to the normality we want” we can only hope they’re able to maintain or even accelerate so that we can all travel safely once more.

Why Brits Hope to Head to Spain for the Summer

AllClear has conducted research during the lockdown, as we emerged and re-entered lockdown to gain the latest travel insights.

As you can see below, the pandemic has led to a 51% increased in people wanting short-haul holidays to Europe in 2021.

Not only has Spain got the sun, sea and sand that Brits crave – it was in fact voted dream destination of 2021 by AllClear customers.  Whether it’s Spain’s vibrant cities or fantastic food that has captivated British tourists, it’s clear to see that many of you have added it to the top of your travel wish list.

For more travel insights, check out our full Annual Travel Insights Report

Travel Insurance for Spain

If you’re planning a post-lockdown holiday to Spain, you’ll need comprehensive Travel Insurance in place. With so much unknown, you’ll want to protect yourself and your holiday. This is why AllClear provides enhanced COVID-19 cover as standard with all AllClear branded policies.  You can travel with confidence, knowing that our Covid-19 cover has been rated Superior by a leading independent UK Consumer Champion.

Remember, before booking a holiday travelling abroad to always check the FCDOwebsite for the latest travel advice.

Published on: 26 Jan 2021

Author notes. By Lydia Crispin, MA, AllClear Medical and Travel Content Creator. “It’s important that our customers have confidence when they travel. I enjoy writing the latest-travel insights and industry updates so that each and every person can make well informed travel decisions”

Edited by Letitia Smith, MSc, Content Manager at AllClear.

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